How have we engaged with the community?

    In 2018, we surveyed the community to ask what features and uses could be considered in the design for Eat Street. Feedback expressed strong preference for the rotunda area design to incorporate sitting and relaxing, and informal social gatherings, focusing on accessibility and adaptability of the space. Strong preferences were expressed for seating to be included, as well as trees and greenery. From the input we received, concept designs were developed.

     In 2019, we surveyed the community to ask for feedback on the concept designs and their key objectives, which included the creation of a high-quality destination in Bentleigh that encourages flexible street activities (outdoor dining, community events and passive recreation). Views shared were generally positive, with strong support for the idea of creating a destination and adding more public space and greenery.

    Later in 2019, we undertook more targeted engagement to seek feedback on what’s proposed for Vickery Street, and relocating the pedestrian crossing link from Vickery Street to the rotunda.

    What are the timeframes for this project?

    Stage 1 works are underway and are expected to be finished in December 2021. 

    Stage 2 works are programmed to commence in January 2022 and are expected be completed by June 2022.