I've used the tool and submitted - what happens next?

    This will provide Council with anonymous details on what you changed and any comments made. Once you have finished all your changes, you can submit them. The information you provide will help us in preparing our future budget documents.

    Do I have to balance my spending to exactly $100?

    No. The key rule is that you can submit your entry with a surplus but not a deficit.

    Why this budget simulation tool?

    This will give you greater transparency, inclusivity and fairness on when we go about setting future budgets. Being transparent about what goes into a budget includes helping residents understand what's involved the building the Councils budget. We hope that providing and opportunity to explore the draft budget in an interactive tool will help the Council to continuously improve how we communicate financial details and understand what is important to residents - especially those who can't attend hearings. This tool allows people to participate at their own pace and on their own schedule.

    What is the difference between Council's Budget and Financial Plan?

    The Financial Plan is a strategic document. It provides a 10 year projection regarding how the actions of the Council Plan may be funded to achieve the Community Vision.

    The Budget is a more detailed look at the first four years of the Financial Plan. It contains specific information on rates calculations and funding of the different activities of Council.