How does the Housing Strategy connect to Council's structure planning work?

    ‘Structure plans’ look at our activity centres and establish how and where they will accommodate future growth and change. They look holistically at the centre and integrate issues including the future height and setbacks of new buildings, how the streetscapes and open spaces can be improved and suitable transport options. You can read more about what a structure plan is by visiting the Victorian Planning Authority’s webpage at: 

    Council develops structure plans for our major activity centres, including Bentleigh, Carnegie, Elsternwick, Caulfield and Glen Huntly. 

    The Housing Strategy, on the other hand, looks at the whole of Glen Eira and is focused specifically on housing. The Strategy will identify where and how the housing needs of the municipality will be met by preparing demographic work that demonstrates how Council will meet its projected population forecast over at least a 15-year period and how residential densities will be distributed across Glen Eira. 

    The Housing Strategy is an important document to underpin our structure plans because it will demonstrate that our structure planning work is accommodating sufficient housing growth and providing housing that meets other important criteria. These include providing diverse housing that meets changing demographics, more affordable options than the traditional detached house and more sustainable housing that reduces reliance on the car and is more thermally efficient.

    Why won't the Housing Strategy say 'no' to housing growth?

    Housing growth is driven by a range of broad factors. These include both international migration (in pre-COVID times, and in the future) as well as migration within Australia/Victoria and Melbourne. Our city is an attractive and desirable place where people want to live, with high levels of amenity and close to the CBD. 

    Population growth and change takes place within a wider context and is managed by the Victorian planning system. Council is one part of this system and has a responsibility to balance policy objectives and directions set at this higher level – namely, those outlined in Plan Melbourne. You can review and read more about Plan Melbourne here: 

    Housing growth and change is an emotive issue for some residents who will have strong views on this topic. A certain amount of change is inevitable in Glen Eira as Melbourne’s population increases and the Housing Strategy allows us to direct this growth to areas more suited to accommodate the growth. 

    What will we do with your feedback?

    To help us develop the Housing Strategy, we’ll be seeking input from the community in two phases.  

    Phase one focuses on checking in on key housing themes and issues that we’ve gathered through previous engagement on other projects. We want to know if these themes and issues cover all the relevant considerations. In this phase, we also want to hear about our community’s housing experiences and views, to help us understand more about the overall housing story of our community. Feedback from Phase one will be drawn on to inform a draft Housing Strategy.  

    Phase two involves presenting the draft Housing Strategy back to the community and asking for feedback. In this phase, we want to know what community members think of the draft and we’ll draw on the feedback to review and make any revisions.