Why does Council have a Domestic Animal Management Plan?

    The Domestic Animals Act 1994 requires all councils to develop a Plan and to review this plan yearly. Domestic Animal Management Plans focus on cats and dogs specifically, and outlines the key issues, objectives and priorities for how these will be managed.

    What are the benefits of pet ownership?

    There is a wealth of research that points to the benefits of pet ownership. A four legged friend can provide hours of fun, relaxation, happiness and unconditional love. 

    Pets also improve psychosocial wellbeing. Studies show family pets actually help in facilitating child development, reducing loneliness and depression and facilitating social support and interaction with other humans. They can also provide stress relief, boost self-esteem and improve health and wellbeing.

    Council’s desexing and registration schemes

    Dogs that have passed an approved obedience training program are eligible for free registration for the next full year, with a 50 per cent reduction off the standard reduced fee for subsequent years (conditions apply).

    What do I need to do to qualify for the scheme?
    The following must be met in order to meet the criteria for the scheme:
    1.  Your dog must have successfully completed an approved obedience program.
    2.  The obedience program must be conducted by a suitably qualified trainer who is a member of an approved training organisation.
    3.  You must provide Council with a copy of the completion certificate from the approved training organisation. The certificate must state that the course undertaken complies with Regulation 49 of the Domestic Animals Regulations 2005.
    4.  Your dog must also be desexed or be eligible for at least one other reduced fee criteria.

    Other criteria for reduced fees are:
    1.  dogs more than 10 years old
    2.  desexed dogs
    3.  dogs kept for working stock
    4.  dogs kept for breeding at a domestic animal business conducted on registered premises
    5.  membership with Dogs Victoria.