Tell us what you think of the Elsternwick draft Structure Plan

over 2 years ago
CLOSED: This survey concluded on 11 December. Following this round of consultation, the draft Structure Plan will be presented to Council in February along with feedback received in order for Councillors to consider adoption of the final Structure Plan. There will be a further opportunity for submissions when the Planning Scheme Amendment is exhibited next year.

Please provide general comments and feedback about the Elsternwick draft Structure Plan.

If you would like to provide further feedback please complete our survey.

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  • tanyalgilmartin over 2 years ago
    I love living in Elsternwick, it has a really nice "community feel" to it, and I believe that development is necessary to allow residents to experience this into the future. However, I am opposed to the suggested nature of future planning as I do not believe it is in line with what the current residents want or what future residents will need. In particular, the area between Elsternwick Station and Nepean Highway. The proposed 8-12 story building limits are excessive for the area, and open the way for multiple, tall, "mismatched" developments which will not fit with the Elsternwick Community, and will frankly be ugly and "cheapen" a really nice area. I believe that development of the Horne St precinct is necessary, but I believe it would be more beneficial for both current and future residents to focus on improving bus and train connections, car parking and green spaces. For example, numerous bus routes terminate along the street which is dangerous for pedestrians, confusing for commuters and reduces the possibility for on street parking. If the area was developed focusing on commuters (ie. a bus interchange with shopping and public green areas) this would be great for the local community. Further, if developments are to happen in this area it would be recommended to keep developments in the same style as each other (for example the Eastern side of Horne St) as opposed to inconsistent and of different designs to each other (ie. The Western side of Horne St)
  • Michael Swan over 2 years ago
    As a resident of Elsternwick, I continue to be disappointed in the actions of the Glen Eira council. The council claim that these changes are for the positive benefit of the current and the future residents of the Elsternwick and the surrounding areas. The proposed changes (8-12 storey residences on Nepean Hwy, Carr St plaza) are in direct opposition to the views and wishes of the current residents. I am sure that is we ask the future residents of the intended apartment blocks - they wont be overly sure about the merits of being in small residences on a main road sandwiched between a railway and a bust road and with no greenery around. The council's decisions continue to baffle me and others. They can't even build/commission a playground at Elsternwick plaza that doesn't need regular building works to fix up potential issues - what hope do we have in regards to looking at co-ordinating the community's interests in this matter.
    The other comments here clearly illustrate how these new developments (esp the proposed areas at the car yards) will have significant issues with liveability to new and established residents.
    Surely the Council can be bold in their vision and not just rehash the cookie cutter approach to development that continues throughout Melbourne and its suburbs. Development is inevitable - I,and the others commenting here, understand that and that by and large we are not objecting to developments, its just that the nature of the developments are excessive, are not needed based on the council's intentions and comments (there are a huge apartment building approvals ongoing already and there's already an area around the station that's been earmarked) and that appropriate consultation and co-ordination with the community has not been adequately performed by the council.
  • Melissa Foulis over 2 years ago
    As an 11+ year resident of Riddell Parade in Elsternwick I am strongly opposed to some aspects of the urban renewal plans that have been proposed in particular the dense apartment developments in the West Elsternwick Area, and the heights that have been suggested within the Structure Plan Draft (both Options 1 and 2).
    The 3 main areas of concern I would like to comment on in detail are as follows:
    1) Height and density of the developments
    My family have been living in Riddell Parade since 2006, during that time we have seen our street and those surrounding it evolve 'mostly' through the thoughtful preservation and renovation of the beautiful heritage homes within it. The proposed development of 3-4 story “Garden Apartments” and 8-12 storey towers along Nepean Hwy across the railway line seems in opposition to this as well as the classification of our area as a “Neighbourhood of Significance”. Should a “Neighbourhood of Significance” be overshadowed by potentially poorly constructed Apartment dwellings, more often than not designed and built with only profit in mind? We are already forced to look at the rear 'eye sore', cheaply built, graffiti covered, poorly maintained apartments bordering the railway line closer to Glenhuntly Road. We absolutely do not want to see this trend continued to the lower part of Riddell Parade where we currently experience glorious evening light and a pleasant vista through to neighbouring Brighton.
    We are very concerned about afternoon overshadowing that will occur if these multi storey residencies are built.
    What about the families who have created homes for their families in this precinct? There seems to be no consideration for their future. Are they expected to live amongst the towers with little or no light and privacy or just get pushed out by greedy developers!!!

    2) Making Carre Street a pedestrian precinct
    While I am in favour of more pedestrian areas around Glenhuntly Road, I am not convinced that Carre Street is the best place to do this.
    The proposed ‘pedestrian plaza’ at the top end of Carre St is a great idea in essence but will likely push more traffic on to the already VERY busy Riddell Parade. Council have offered no supporting information around traffic management with this proposed change.
    Drivers treat Riddell as a ‘speedy’ short cut from Kooyong Rd. The speed humps have done little to limit the speed of some drivers. We can only expect more traffic on Riddell Pde if Carre St is closed.

    3) Car parking plans
    The idea of a new 4 storey parking lot on the corner of Stanley & Orrong seems to be completely unnecessary. The current carpark is never full so why would be need a 4 storey carpark to replace it.
    I understand the concerns about potential future lack of parking, but I do not think building a four storey above ground car park on Stanley Street is a solution to this.
    The focus instead should be on making Elsternwick as pedestrian and public transport friendly as possible, all plans for carparks should be below ground, with friendly retail or residential spaces at ground level.

    In summary, although I am interested in seeing 'appropriate development' within our neighbourhood and much of what has been proposed seems to be an attempt to improve our amenity, it must be carefully considered to avoid losing the extremely valued sense of community we currently experience. I believe the OVER development will only decrease what we value so much about our wonderful neighbourhood.

    Riddell Parade is the connection for much of Greater Elsternwick to our shopping centre and transport hubs. The commuters, school kids, dog walkers, runners all use the path bordering the railway line on a daily basis and I am sure all enjoy the stroll along this Plane Tree lined Parade. Much of what has been proposed will reduce the amenity of this wonderful and connecting part of our community to fill the pockets of Developers? We are already one of the least-green urban areas in metropolitan Melbourne (compared to other Council precincts) and should be looking to improve this issue by adding as much green space as possible to any future plans for our neighbourhood. There is no available bike paths connecting greater Elsternwick to the main shopping and transport hub. Perhaps this is something council should be considering when planning for our future?
  • Hooppine over 2 years ago
    While I agree that 8 storeys or higher is too much for most streets in Elsternwick, I think placing all high rise on Nepean just means the quality of living in these apartments will be reduced. The reality is that people have to live somewhere and the alternative is more people on the roads and having to drive for hours to work. Elsternwick has lots to offer in transport, shops and is convenient and the fact is more people can afford an apartment than a home. I'd rather have well designed apartment blocks or townhouses in my street than the proposed increase in carparks in my street.
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    • goodneighbour over 2 years ago
      All very well said until you realise that it is your home or that of your dearest friend/family member which is underneath the apartment block. Your families memories & life's investment is being devalued & demolished &/or your established fruit trees don't receive sunshine anymore and your windows have to be covered all the time so you do not have prying eyes watching your every move. Gone is the natural light and your home of more than 20 years is completely overshadowed, your privacy gone.
      There are numerous ways to provide housing in areas which are not established homes and the proposed Nepean Hwy apartment blocks are grossly out of character with Elsternwick's village community feel. Council has many areas on the go all at once! Massive over construction I fear. Ps -the developers create their own plans and do not use the ones supplied by council in the draft plans:-)
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      • Hooppine over 2 years ago
        Be realistic about the situation. The population of Melb is increasing every year - 20,000 and that is the reason your home has increased in value. Where do u suppose people are to live? Elsternwick is ideal for development with excellent transport and other amenities. Good planning & design is about allowing development that is considered and does not adversely affect all. Putting in high rise in one area and protecting the rest of E'wick is a short term view and pressure will mount to change the planning again. Personally this whole idea Elsternwick is a village is a fantasy. I have been in my street for over 20 years and most wont even acknowledge your existence. Only the established and professionals can afford to buy a home. The so called 'working class' or the young would never be able to buy a house in E'wick, instead have to drive hours everyday to/from work. I wouldn't want 8 storeys next to me but 2-3 storeys with space is reasonable and realistic.
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        • Suki Ibbetson over 2 years ago
          It's very sad that after 20 years in your neighbourhood your existence goes without acknowledgement. I have lived in Elsternwick for 12 years, residing 11 and 1/2 years on Clarence St, just outside of this development nightmare where I felt and still am very much part of that neighbourhood and have developed many long lasting friendships. I have recently moved in to this development zone, Oak Avenue, a choice I made so I could live in a larger family home, just like those you find in and around Staniland Grove, Murray St and other streets in the 'safe' part of Elsternwick, and have in a short time met and formed relationships with many of my new neighbours. I am very much part of my new community. Anonymity is sad, and I think that most high rise development shapes this type of neighbourhood. BTW, I am young (ish), have a young family, I work hard and I love living in Elsternwick. Sure, I bought in when it was more affordable and I already had my foot in the real estate door. However, I too could not afford to live in Melbourne's most desired inner city suburbs of the time such as South Yarra or Toorak. Living in Elsternwick is privilege not a 'right'.
          Don't get me wrong, development is and will happen and I'm not totally opposed but perhaps on a lower density and more inclusive scale. As for good planning and design, I unfortunately have little faith in that - look out of your window!
  • sandytogs over 2 years ago
    As per my email submission to the City Futures Department, I vehemently oppose both Options One and Two for the development of commercial property along Nepean Highway, and the land identified as "Urban Renewal Zone" west of the train line.

    The impact of implementation will be an unmitigated disaster for this municipality - not to mention the fact that critical issues such as, overshadowing; loss of amenity and privacy; traffic management and parking; public transport congestion; loss of heritage and character; infrastructure strain and incorporation of green space, have glaringly failed to be addressed.

    Glen Eira already has highest number of apartment applications, which is frightening in itself. Additionally, it has been reported that in excess of 1300 dwellings are unoccupied. Based on this data alone, the intent to pursue Options 1 or 2 beggars belief !

    The time is nigh to undertake the necessary due diligence, be open, honest and transparent, and actively listen to and consult with your community - only then can you deliver a plan that is appropriate and balanced. At this juncture, I note that (according to your website, and I quote), you work with and for the community. Sadly, I see no evidence of this in your proposed plans.

    To that end, I request an Option 3 as overwhelmingly conveyed at the community meeting on Dec 4th 2017.
  • Peter Fellin over 2 years ago
    The plan for high density population/high-rise buildings is a disaster for the livable character of the targetted areas because of consequences such as:

    Traffic congestion;

    An overloaded public transport system;

    Psychologically disadvantageous living conditions affecting primarily and especially the already socioeconomically disadvantaged proportion of residents in high-rise type dwellings;

    The felt and perceived livability would deteriorate for current residents in affected areas — a deterioration of livability that would be *additionally* caused and worsened by overshadowing.

    Yours sincerly,
    Peter Fellin
    3/21 Elm Ave., Vic. 3185
  • goodneighbour over 2 years ago
    I totally reject both options One and Two for redevelopment of the commercially zoned car yards on Nepean Hwy and the strip of land currently deemed 'Urban renewal zone' west of the Sandringham railway line. I request an Option 3 as per the community meeting on Dec 4th 2017.
    The plan is out of character with the suburb I know and love having chosen to live here 24 years ago to be within walking distance of the Jewish community shuls.
    I am truly distressed by councils plans to allow overshadowing of our property and destroy our right to privacy. I fear a large influx of residents will reduce the safety and amenity of our suburb particularly as there is no substantial green space for people within the drafts plan view. Where do all those people spend their leisure hours? Plans have green drawn upon them, buildings invariably do not provide the green spaces, the inclusion of which is dependant upon the 'good will' of the developers compared to potential earnings related to the number of units included. Does our council collect a significant payment from developers to ensure sufficient park land is made available to future tennants? Has this money been collected and invested for local residents near the current high rise buildings being built along GlenHuntly Rd?

    Council has not yet released the outcome of the the traffic impact assessment or been able to answer simple questions around how a significant increase in traffic will be managed and how traffic will be managed in the small residential streets surrounding Elsternwick shopping strip.
    Our already over-crowded train, tram and bus facilities will be overburdened and no detail has been released on how this will be managed.

    Both options 1&2 destroy heritage/character properties in one of the oldest parts of Elsternwick including many which are circa 1880 & turn of the century Edwardian properties plus inter war housing which is just now coming of age as heritage listing.
    I fear council and indeed the state planning minister are driven by developers greed and misleading information as there is no evidence that more apartments will reduce the price of housing in Victoria. Factors outside the local & state government are of greater importance in regulating the housing market. Let us not allow the greed of developers destroy Elsternwick nor indeed Glen Eira and its history.
    I fear car parking is a large issue which is not addressed by council - other than to say they hope everyone will walk more! ( as discussed in a recent council meeting) However a significant number of residents will need to drive to local shops as carrying produce home is always an issue!
    Our suburb has a lovely village feel which will be sadly lost should high rise development replace our existing village.
    New public space in urban development zone is only being ‘advocated’ for – there is no detail around how the council will secure this park space.
    Council has stated it is taking a whole of municipality approach to meeting Victorian government housing targets. Could you please publish a list of all developments across Glen Eira rather than this piece meal approach dividing the information and hiding it from Glen Eira residents?
    Across the municipality, council has extensive opportunities to meet state government targets and is reportedly exceeding the targets. At what cost to the heritage village of Elsternwick? It appears – upon close scrutiny, that council is creating an excessive amount of highrise building zones in Elsternwick. -see council plans for details!
    Glen Eira council already has highest number of apartment applications (according to ABS data)
    Council has already established a clear precedent for developments in the Glen Huntley Road shopping strip - which is in the Activity Centre zone and I implore you to reject future high rise developments across Glen Eira.
    To maintain a sense of balanced and harmonious community with family homes, I request council implement a 'maximum four storey, mixed commercial' zone on current commercial zones. Please reserve residential zoning - max 2-3 storey or 13m or town houses. On GlenHuntley Rd shopping strip - max 3-4 storey and town houses. Overall a low rise approach spread over significant areas will provide better quality(if your design guides are implemented) of housing for the larger number of people without hugely dense populations becoming disenfranchised in small high rise.

    I implore our elected councillors to act with due diligence in our name and truly represent the community's wishes by providing a more appropriate and balanced option which that protects Elsternwick’s heritage, character and village feel. Don’t turn our municipality into a high rise disaster.
  • Mikala over 2 years ago
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Firstly, I would like to say how delighted I am that the City of Glen Eira Council is planning for the future and inviting all residents to have their say on the development of the wonderful area we live in. Well done, this is to be commended.

    As a resident of Riddell Parade in Elsternwick for more than 11 years, I really enjoy living in our suburb and the amenities it provides including a vibrant shopping centre, public transport and parks close by.

    I am in favour of our suburb further becoming an inner city “hub” and think that increasing the density of the suburb will only add to the life and colour we already have, however, this needs to be done with careful consideration so we don’t destroy the wonderful tapestry that this suburb is made of.

    I suppose you could say that we’re lucky that our house and immediate surrounds are covered by the “Neighbourhood of Significance” overlay and protected from excessive development, however, I have strong concerns about the plans for the areas around us and that, despite those plans being a couple of blocks away, they will erode our area.

    1) Plans to develop the West Elsternwick Area
    I am absolutely opposed to the urban renewal plan that proposes dense apartment developments in the West Elsternwick Area, in particular to the heights of 8-12 stories that have been proposed within the Structure Plan Draft, both Option 1 and 2.

    Any proposed development should seek to maintain the character and personality of our suburb and I believe we should aim to limit all developments to 3-4 storeys, incorporating garden spaces.

    Any developments immediately bordering the railway line in the West Elsternwick Area that are higher that 3-4 stories will cast enormous shadows over the houses in our area, thereby ruining a “Neighbourhood of Significance” as it is currently classified.

    Along with my friends in the West Elsternwick Neighbourhood Group over the railway line, I am in favour of your consideration of Option 3 to retain the residential streets zoned as Neighbourhood Residential Zone, limited to two storeys and to rezone the adjacent Commercial 2 Zone properties along Nepean Highway to “Shop Top Developments” of 4-5 storeys, with interface constraints to limit overshadowing and allow north and western light to illuminate impacted residential properties. 

    This would make efficient use of the existing commercial land without overt negative impacts on neighbours and streetscapes. 

    2) Making Carre Street a pedestrian precinct
    While I am in favour of more pedestrian areas around Glenhuntly Road, I am not convinced that Carre Street is the best place to do this.

    We’ve seen this area deteriorate considerably since Pound, Arabesque and the Carre Street Deli changed hands.

    Any public space will need significant investment and effort much like the partnership the Council has with Bang Bang to enhance the amenity of Elsternwick Plaza.

    Given the recent investment in Elsternwick Plaza and the vibrancy this has added to this area, I would suggest that the top of Riddell Parade would make for a far better pedestrian precinct. The park could be extended across the road to provide a safe amenity close to the train station and cinema and the old post office building could become a wonderful feature.

    To truly make this area an additional green amenity, a longitudinal overfill over the railway line, south of Glenhuntly Road could be included to provide a green, walkable and bike suitable space to increase the liveability and function of this area.
    3) Car parking plans
    I understand the concerns about lack of parking, but I do not think building a four storey above ground car park on Stanley Street is a solution to this. The car park next to the train station on Horne Street has really ruined the character of that street and it is not an attractive environment for pedestrians.

    The focus instead should be on making Elsternwick as pedestrian and public transport friendly as possible, all plans for carparks should be below ground, with friendly retail or residential spaces at ground level. We do not want Elsternwick to become LA.

    4) Congestion on roads
    Many people cut through Elsternwick to avoid using the Nepean Highway and North Road. All plans must focus on reducing traffic through residential streets in Elsternwick, slowing traffic speeds and providing people with direct access to shops.

    As a result more efforts need to be made to direct traffic to Kooyong and Orrong Roads.

    5) Height and density of the developments
    All new developments should be required to be of a high quality and design to help preserve the character of Elsternwick.

    For example, why aren’t they all required to have six star energy ratings, recycled water, solar power and garden space? Why aren’t planter boxes compulsory, like the lovely apartments in Paris? Why are the buildings so frequently poorly maintained and unkempt?

    Currently the only thought going into these high density dwellings is the hip pocket of the developer. They are often of low quality and covered in graffiti (like the ones near Elsternwick train station) attracting transient populations who don’t add to the sense of community in Elsternwick. They lack greenery and any sense of green space, little consideration is given to overshadowing or the privacy of neighbours.

    The City of Glen Eira could make a name for itself in having state of the art developments, that
    truly add value to the area and improve the lives of those living and working out of them.
    I look forward to hearing from you with regards to next steps and how we can continue to be involved to plan for a better future for our suburb.
  • Norma over 2 years ago
    I am very concerned about the proposed plaza in Carre Street. I reside in an apartment in 378 Glenhuntly Road. The garage is under our building and the only exit is onto Carre Street. It would be a considerable inconvenience if we are unable to access the garage and it would also significantly decrease the value of our property.
    We are also concerned that a plaza outside our property would create excessive noise, particularly during Summer and would make sleeping very difficult in the warmer weather when the windows are open.
  • Cam & Suze over 2 years ago
    I am totally opposed to the Elsternwick Draft Structure Plan as well as the 8-12 storey limit along Nepean Highway. This will be detrimental to the immediate and wider surrounds. 8-12 storeys is completely inappropriate to propose or develop. The land stretching along Nepean Highway where the car yards are, is already elevated (at a higher natural ground level) to the neighbouring residential streets on the other side Of Nepean Highway and therefore the proposal would be elevated even further - completely inappropriate other than creating an ugly high rise that would allow tenants/residents to overlook the backyards into My own and my neighbours private open space and all existing living and habitable rooms. If it is proposed that all the car yards are to cease being on the land, more open spaces and green areas should be considered rather than quick fix, quick profit, dense high rise apartments that only aim to maximise the amount of people you can fit into the area. Glen Eira is known for its leafy and tranquil family oriented area and this should not be compromised for a quick buck
  • residentofelsternwick over 2 years ago
    I do not agree with both options proposed by council.
    The high-rise along Nepean Highway is excessive for this residential setting. The increased residents will create more traffic congestion, the high-rise will cause over shadowing and privacy issues. Where is our security as residents that our properties will be protected from these developments? It is so disappointing that after living in a suburb for 20 years that this new development could ruin the village feel we have here and damage our properties value. 3 - 4 storeys along Nepean Highway should be enough to satisfy the numbers needed while also providing more sustainable housing for new families that want their space and to live in a healthy environment. I urge the council to distribute evenly the development of new housing to town houses instead of high rise apartments that cause many issues. The communication between council and residents should also be improved in my opinion. The documents of the quality design principles and structure plan are lengthy to read and understand for the average resident. If the council wants to work with us they should be explaining clearly what they want even if they know we wont like it and explaining their reasons for it. This will allow us to come up with solutions that benefit us both. Lets work together council, at the moment it feels like our voices are acknowledged but not much is being done about the issues we've raised.
  • lias over 2 years ago
    As a resident of Alexandra Ave, my issues with the Elsternwick Structure Draft Plans include:
    - Significant vocal negative feedback and the council has still not offered a better solution for its residents. We do not want this massive development with high-rise apartments.
    - There are other areas within the Glen Eira Council Zone that seem more appropriate for development. I have no objection to development above the shops along Glen Eira Road.
    - I reject the 8-12 storey proposal along Nepean highway in BOTH options, it is out of character with the neighbourhood.
    - The issues it presents are: Overshadowing, traffic congestion, loss of heritage appearance and privacy.
    - There is a community feeling here and it will be destroyed with an influx of hundreds of new residents.
    - Parking and congestion will be the result of adding many people to the suburb. Where are the detailed traffic analytics for these plans?
    - There has been no information on how the already crowded public transport will be improved, its hard enough to board a train during the morning as it is!

    I understand that change is the future and am not opposed to it, the plans should be adjusted so they are suitable for the resident’s future, short and long term.
    We believe that 3-4 storeys buildings will be enough to achieve significant growth without affecting Elsternwick.
    I do not agree with EITHER option, My neighbours and I EXPECT a third option be made available by our elected representatives that suits the needs of the community and residents.
  • Why aren't you listening? over 2 years ago
    As a resident of Sherbrooke Ave, which currently consists of single story heritage house of 1920s era, I strongly oppose both plans. My comments are similar to the comments raised by most residence in this area in response to the draft plans. Rezoning current heritage single story areas to be 3-4 floors in height would destroy the character of the neighborhood. Rezoning areas to 6-12 stories in height in surrounding streets is insane. There has been no traffic analysis completed and you are not listening to the residence of this area that clearly do not want this type of development. After the release of the draft plans, the Mayor came and spoke us (a large crowd of displeased residence) to inform us that our complaints had been heard and then proceeded to release these draft structure plans, which are almost the same. I actually feel lied to directly. If the council is required to approve huge development areas, there are precedence of these types of buildings around Glen Huntley Rd or in other suburbs within the Glen Eira Council zone that seem more appropriate. It appears the council has selected its "Strategic Urban Development Area" without consultation, as even with significant negative feedback they do not seem open to relocating this area. I assume none of the council members live here.
  • Sam J over 2 years ago
    As a resident of Alexandra Avenue in Elsternwick I am opposed to an urban renewal plan that allows dense apartment developments, in particular to the heights that have been proposed within the Structure Plan Draft, both Option 1 and 2.
    I have been a resident of Alexandra Avenue for almost 12 years. Both my children were born whilst we have resided at this address. One of the main reasons we have enjoyed living in Elsternwick for the past decade, is the sense of community that occurs from an area that houses (predominantly) families. Families choose to put down stumps in an area where they can see their children grow, go to local schools and high schools, take up part-time jobs and so forth, all the while being part of the community they are living within. Having attended a local Mother’s Group with my eldest child, and later being an active member of our Kindergarten Committee, has insured that we have a large friendship group of like-minded people - all living in walking distance to each other.
    Apartment dwellings are more often than not designed and built with profit in mind. In general developers build one or 2-bedroom apartments within their blocks. Families cannot reside in a 2-bedroom apartment consequently the high-rise developments become the fodder of investors, and in turn are occupied by a transient population. This does nothing for the sense of community of an area, and in general causes many more issues with parking and congestion, due to most dwellings being occupied by groups of single people – all of whom may own vehicles. Although parking is usually incorporated into apartment designs it is always capped at one space per apartment, so does not cater for all its occupants.
    The Draft Structure Plan does not properly protect the heritage and neighbourhood character of our suburb, nor does it add to our existing amenity. We are already one of the least-green urban areas in metropolitan Melbourne (compared to other Council precincts).
    My issues with the Structure Plan Draft Option 1 and 2 include:
    Lack of parking – shops and street; Height of the developments impacting residents - lack of green, overshadow, privacy, noise; Transient population – loss of sense of community; Loss of amenity; Congestion on roads; Multiple developments all designed and built by different groups will ensure we have a streetscape of hodgepodge buildings in a row.
    We EXPECT our elected representatives to come up with a more appropriate and balanced option that protects Elsternwick’s heritage, character and village feel (across the entire suburb). Don’t turn our municipality into another Port Melbourne / Docklands disaster!
  • Adrian over 2 years ago
    Hello - Didn't get the letterbox drop and only found out through a neighbour that this was going on. As a resident in a street opposite the proposed 8-12 storey development on the carpark sites I feel that this would be totally at odds with the surrounding housing in the area. It sets a dangerous precedent which cannot be undone and opens the door for similarly inappropriate development. I am not attached to the car yards and welcome a better solution to develop these sites for residential and commercial use.
  • Phoebe Dubar over 2 years ago
    As most of the other comments below state, I agree with the development of the area however the height of the buildings and visual bulk it will create is simply not acceptable and will create serious privacy issues for anyone within the area.
  • Stephanie over 2 years ago
    Whilst the Elsternwick Draft Structure Plan seeks to increase the utilisation of underdeveloped land, it proposes it at a detrimental rate that would be completely at odds with the immediate and wider surrounds.

    8-12 storeys is completely inappropriate to propose or develop. The land stretching along Nepean Highway where the car yards are, is elevated (at a higher natural ground level) to the neighbouring residential streets on opposite (south-western) side of the Highway and therefore the proposal would be elevated even further. For example, a 4-6 storey development would actually have the built form impact of 6-8. The proposed development would provide opportunities for long range views into our private open space and all existing living and habitable rooms. We support a reduction in building height to reduce the impact of visual bulk and long range views.

    4-6 storeys would be a considerably more measured approach. I note the example on corner of Nepean Highway and North Road with staggered setbacks to neighbouring residential streets. Also the residential apartment near to corner of New Street and Nepean Highway.
  • Admin Commented City Futures Engagement over 2 years ago
    Thank you all for voicing your thoughts on the draft future plans for Elsternwick. Council is committed to making Glen Eira a great place to live, work and visit. Consultation is still open and we encourage your submissions on how we can accommodate future growth in the area while protecting and celebrating the character of our neighbourhoods. We assure you that we are taking note and your feedback will be considered.
  • GRaffe over 2 years ago
    If you telling us what we are going to have forced on us as was made abundantly clear last night how could this possibly be considered consultation? I either accept one of two Identical plans or the state government steps in (with no bloody proof about this I must add) and makes us accept the plan. I instead opt for option 3 of getting a more reasonable and respectful council which will actually adopt policies which are acceptable for our area such as protecting the strip of victorian houses behind the car yards and a limit of 4 stories to the development.
  • Leigh over 2 years ago
    I'm a resident in Ross Street. First of all I'm supportive of the infrastructure investment in the suburb, I think that it can only be positive for our community - but there is a careful balance to keep the Elsternwick charm that we've grown to love. I have previously raised concerns of the urban renewal proposal and its impact on the Character housing in Ross Street. I've read the Structure Plan (particularly the urban renewal and its impact to my property), and see that there are two options for the street, one with a 4 storey limit (Option 1), another with an 8-12 storey limit (Option 2). If these are the only two options, and the Structure Plan gets approval then my preference would be Option 2 (8-12 storey). I think that regardless of whether it is 4 or 12 storeys; the street (and immediate area) will be changed significantly, so we may as well proceed with 12 storeys then at least the owners can sell with a better land value. Even if the current Ross Street housing remained, if there are 12 storey blocks built around it then the effect of natural light, privacy and increased traffic would make me want to relocate anyway. In summary, if these really end up being our only two options then I am supportive of 8-12 storeys.
  • Nathan over 2 years ago
    We live in a small street in the area proposed for 8-12 storeys (in both options) and wish to register our strong objection to both proposals and urge council to think harder about the options. 8-12 storeys is a ridiculous increase over the current streetscape on Horne St. 4 storeys with potential to go to six for a significant benefit could be done responsibly and with set backs that protect locals from increased shadow. I have recently gone through the planning process and was told their would be no appetite for a change in the shadow impact on my neighbours and 6 months later you are proposing 12 storeys less than 4 meters from me - that is hypocritical! I had already designed to ensure I didn't increase overshadowing and overlooking because I care about my neighbours - we have an incredible community in this pocket and all your proposals are destroying community not building it!
  • against development along nepean highway over 2 years ago
    We have been residents of Elsternwick for over 26 years. We have no objection to development above shops along Glenhuntly Road, which the council has already commenced.

    We do object to and reject the 8-12 storey proposal along Nepean Highway and any development of the surrounding areas where there are currently houses and 1-2 storey flats with gardens. This area is unique in character where residents have lived for many years.

    The issues that any development would create cannot be resolved. They are the loss of beautiful gums trees, uniqueness of gardens and architecture blends, community and village character, overshadowing blocking the sun onto gardens and houses, increased traffic which Nepean highway is already congested beyond capacity every weekday morning and the upheaval of many residents who call this area their home for many years.
  • jiliomanis over 2 years ago
    8-12 storey proposal is completely out of character for the neighbourhood and will put further strain on an already stressed transport infrastructure (both public and private). I understand the need to provide affordable housing in Melbourne, however the are far better options than Elsternwick. Let’s preserve what makes Elsternwick great- we are a village not a city!
  • carmel.parker over 2 years ago
    We are residents of a small street, blocks of land are only about 21 metres in depth and about 7 in width, as are most of the blocks on land on this street, the proposal for 4 storey buildings on these blocks appears to be extreme. Not only are we faced with this but it is also proposed to have 8-12 storey buildings on the highway and Horne Street, thus surrounding us, the issues that this will cause are enormous, including,
    over shadowing, traffic congestion, loss of heritage appearance, our street community this is only a very few af the reasons why I do not agree with either of the current 2 options.
    The street is small with one side of the road parking, a no through road,
  • boggdogg over 2 years ago
    I do not accept the proposed 8 to 12 storey development along the Nepean Highway where car dealerships are currently located.

    It is going to invade the privacy of residents that currently live at the back of car yards, creating a number of issues such as safety, traffic, noises, car spaces etc.
  • ouzbies over 2 years ago
    In the 2 options, there are still 12 storeys building allowance in a large part of Elsternwick. This suburb has a strong heritage appearance and a history that will both be lost because of this Structure plan. I understand that Melbourne is growing and that some suburbs have to follow the "Plan Melbourne" but not in the jeopardy of these suburbs and their community. Having buildings that high in front of existing properties will overshadow, take off any privacy and it will greatly affect our everyday living. Authorising this range of buildings will get out of control and will change Elsternwick forever. Please listen to the community and people that have chosen to live here. I believe that 3-4 storeys buildings will be enough to achieve a significant growth without affecting Elsternwick.
    I have only been in this suburb for 5 months in Horne Street. The Structure Plan is making us regret our decision to move here as it is taking away the core reasons to live here: Calm, family vibe, village feeling and strong community values. I hope that you will look after your existing community and review for an option 3.
  • suz.ryder over 2 years ago
    I reject both council options for a 12 storey rezone. The building heights are excessive and unnecessary and will completely destroy the village feel of elsternwick. The council has done very little to take into account the concerns of the community around overshadowing, privacy, traffic, parking, and loss of many historic buildings from circa 1880 to the early 1900s.
    To put it in context, the building on the corner of Nepean & North roads is only 5 storeys - double this and then add some - and then put it next to a residential area with one storey family homes.
    The "new open space" in this area is also not guaranteed. The council will only "advocate" for developers to put this in on private land - which is highly unlikely.
    This council has more than enough development areas throughout the municipality to meet it housing targets without turning Elsternwick into a highrise jungle like port melbourne and the docklands.
    The consultation process by council has also been disgraceful - residents in the impacted zone were only 'formally' notified by council on13 November!!
    The urban development section of this propsoal MUST be scrapped and started again - this time with PROPER consultation with the impacted community.
  • Admin Commented City Futures Engagement over 2 years ago
    Thank you all for voicing your thoughts on the draft future plans for Elsternwick. Council is committed to making Glen Eira a great place to live, work and visit. Consultation is still open and we encourage your submissions on how we can accommodate future growth in the area while protecting and celebrating the character of our neighbourhoods. We assure you that we are taking note and your feedback will be considered.
  • Mandy over 2 years ago
    I am very concerned about the draft Structure Plan and the inconsistency of the council. St James Pde has been given a character overlay and then will possibly be shadowed by 8-12 storey apartments looming over the houses. The traffic is heavy in the street especially with morning and afternoon school traffic. Commuters park in the side streets and walk to the station, affecting visibility at the intersections, allowing only one vehicle to pass along the streets. Imagine what the increase in traffic will be with hundreds more residents living along Nepean Highway, turning into St James Pde in order to head north to Orrong Rd and Elsternwick shops.
    There must be a height limit, surely 4 storeys is ample in residential streets, and altered traffic flow.
  • Kay over 2 years ago
    It's scary to think about the implications this will have on Elsternwick. Getting rid of car parks along the shopping strip will make it impossible for most people to come down to Elsternwick to do their shopping. I see that they plan to put in a multi level carpark, but it's at on end, definitely too far to walk up from if you're pressed for time and/or have children in tow! Even when positioned well, those types of carparks make shopping such a procedure and so much more time consuming. They are suitable where you might be shopping for a number of hours, but not worth it if you're quickly ducking into a couple of shops. If you need to run in to the pharmacy for example with a script, there's no way you're going to park down the other end in a multi level and walk or tram up. You'll simply go somewhere else. The whole appeal of Glenhuntly Rd and other shopping strips is the CONVENIENCE. Take that away and people will go Chadstone or somewhere else where parking is easy instead. I know I will! It will kill retail in Elsternwick which is such a shame. It sounds like they're trying to turn Elsternwick into something that it's not. Glen Eira is a family area. It's suburban. There are people with young families and also lots of elderly people. The people who use Glenhuntly Rd shopping strip are spread out quite widely, mostly not walking distance or with easy access to trams. People in Glen Eira need to drive and all you're doing by reducing car parking is driving them elsewhere! To compound it all further, the proposed higher density development will only make it worse, bringing more people and therefore more cars to the area. And the closing of Staniland grove and Carre St, and the partial closing of Gordon and Selwyn Streets will further reduce parking. Crazy.
  • janmalcolm over 2 years ago
    I'd like to know if there are any plans to make changes to the Davis Street–Ripon Grove especially with the second block of apartments slated to be built on Ripon Grove through to McCombie Street. The increase in traffic and stress on parking in the area is likely to cause congestion in this pocket and the crazy one way system is confusing and restrictive.
  • henry08 over 2 years ago
    i am concerned at the reduction in car parking in Stanley street East. The retailers backing on to this car park already suffer a shortage of spaces and a reduction of 1/3 of their spaces will result in a dead retail pocket being created. The redevelopment of this car park should not be at the expense of the existing retailers. the additional car parking in Stanley street West will only make things worse. Shoppers are generally too lazy to walk the extra distance and therefore retail activity will be centred there at the expense of those retailers further west.
  • T Caster over 2 years ago
    As a Carre Street resident who would be directly affected by the the pedestrianising of the street, I'm open to the idea in principal. Encouraging people to get out of their cars and drive less and creating car-free zones should definitely be a priority of this plan. Particularity with the congestion the area's already facing - which is beginning to negatively impact Carre Street - traditionally be a quiet side street that is seeing an increase in through traffic. However, it would be important to ensure that it's done correctly and would benefit residents of the street. A peaceful plaza sounds fine. But we don't want a playground out there ruining our otherwise peaceful street. Or something that simply becomes a hangout for teenagers on skateboards after dark. It's a good idea, but thought and care concerning how this will affect the residents of this section are needed.
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    • Wintress over 2 years ago
      Agreed... reducing traffic and cars honking along Carre st would be ideal. There is plenty of parking in carpark behind building to accommodate parking and the businesses would benefit from a European style plaza with seating and trees. It would definitely improve the street while still keeping noise down (no playground!)
  • Jo over 2 years ago
    The proposed 8-12 storey apartment 'urban renewal' area along Nepean highway will not fit with the current character of the neighbourhood and is in discourse with the current 1-2 storey homes and flats already along this route. There is already an eyesore of an apartment building along Glen Huntly road, we don't need to add further eyesores. I will join any action to oppose the proposal in it's current state
  • rowena over 2 years ago
    I do not like the proposed 8 to 12 storey development along the Nepean Highway on the sites of the current car yards. My residence is in Brighton but is opposite the proposed development. The development will add traffic congestion and will reflect Nepean Highway noise into Brighton. We already have a noise problem from the highway and the proposal will make it worse. Very little new green urban space is being created to cater for the increase in population. I don't think our public transport system will cope and traffic congestion and parking will be awful.
  • vijay over 2 years ago
    I am extremely concerned about the size and the scope of the buildings proposed for the redevelopment of the car yards currently located on Nepean Hwy.

    I understand the need for increasing housing but would have thought 4-6 story developments graduating down in size to the train line would be a much better outcome. Some retail/commercial aspects would be far more suited to the location. Retail and commercial on the ground floor would be a good job boost for the area but i cant see where adequate car parking for visitors will be?

    I dont think under any circumstances should car park dispensation being given for residents to the new projects and allowance . Box Hill and Docklands developments allow for the visitors with multistory carparks but this project does not have those and nor is it suited to it.

    The impact of 8-12 story developments on neighbouring streets such as St James Pde, Elster, Brentani, Denver and others is going to be huge from a view point and also from a traffic management aspect.

    St James Pde and College St are currently used as a cut through to Glen Huntly Rd and were never designed to be. Surely access must be limited through this area and a better traffic management plan put in place to diver traffic back onto the highway or down gardenvale rd onto Kooyong is required if the many 1000 new residents do move into the new car yard development.

    These streets are already under immense pressure from school and local traffic and simply cannot handle increased traffic flow. This might be a very good opportunity to look at reworking some of the access points to green zones such as the one created along Riddell which works very well for residents in the area and visitors to the park

    Perhaps as simple as diverting all traffic from the potential development site back onto Nepean Hwy before the train bridge by blocking the service road prior and that whole area could be made into Green Park and join up with the proposed Green park in in initial plans also? Would increase GlenEira greenspace (badly needed and also help greatly reduce traffic impact on the residents of Gardenvale/Elsternwick immediately by promoting other avenues for traffic to use bigger thorough fares.

    All in all the proposal seems grossly excessive in size and scope and not really thought out from the impact that is going to affect the local neighbourhoods around.

    I also whole heartedly agree with others in thinking that the whole process seems very sneaky and underhand - we only found out after the time had already passed for having our say - was it a week that we had to reply? Not good enough GE Council.
    - no mail box drops, no contact, no signage to alert us of what was happening.

    Please treat us fairly and make the whole process a lot more transparent and less rushed than it has been so far.

    BP Concerned Elsternwick Resident.
  • Goi over 2 years ago
    We just found out the council is putting an eight storey building along our back fence and half of the properties in our residential street. No consultation, no discussion of the impact on the houses in our street and they will legislate our rights away completely. It will completely destroy the amenity of all the residential houses being completely overshadowed by eight storeys. No set back, no nothing. This is replacing one and two storey buildings and why. Nothing but nothing from the council as to the reason or rationale for putting eight storeys on residential houses back yard. We are also a long way from the so called precinct. So underhand and dubious wonder if this is a matter for ICAC.
  • geoffsz over 2 years ago
    I feel that blocking carre st and staniland grove will create traffic problems in the area. It will also remove upto 20 car parks from the area which will impact on traders at a time when there is already a huge strain on parking
  • pollymolly over 2 years ago
    Please can you produce a summary report of no more than 5 pages with all the proposed changes clearly shown and not much of the statutory stuff. Also I did not see an Effects Register; eg changes in traffic volumes on GHR and surrounding streets; increased passenger loads on trams and trains; ped movements along GHR as the sidewalks are already too narrow with retail encroachment.