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about 3 years ago

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  • angela over 2 years ago
    I think there should be some physical reference to the old railway station that was demolished, in the new design as well as reference to the artistic boyd family, to tie in the old with the new.
  • Murradale mess over 2 years ago
    It was tragic to see the magnificent & long standing (possibly very old) gum trees removed around Murrumbeena Station & it's car park by Rail Authority. I note attempt to place trees down centre shopping strip of Option 2 (Neerim Rd 2way design). Probably not enough room. But once the railway station is rebuilt and shopping strip and commuter car parks are re-established, it will be a great opportunity to for replanting gum trees. I sincerely hope this will be the case, regards Jill Ainslie
  • LAS over 2 years ago
    Please council listen to the Murrumbeena residents who are rate payers and the local traders and leave Neerim Rd 2 way. Many local people feel the council is just going through the motions and have already decided with their advisors [who appeared out of touch with the local residents at the Q& A evening] what they are going to do. I truly hope this is not the case and that council listen to us.
  • 23162002654821 over 2 years ago
    Traffic report for Murrumbeena Road and Neerim Road is not indicative of peak times. From my experience peak time is between 7:45am to 8:05am. So traffic report is not reflective of peak time. Further no time studies have been done to determine time taken to move across this intersection.My assertion is that a right turn from Murrumbeena Road (heading north) into Neerim Road (heading east) adds to the congestion.
  • LAS over 2 years ago
    I agree with all previous comments supporting Neerim Rd remaining 2 way.
  • Olive about 3 years ago
    The reason there is currently road congestion is due to the level crossing. Once it is removed this congestion will not be an issue. Rather than focus on recreating an Oakleigh-style vision for our village, attention and priority needs to be given to the following:1. An increase in overall car parking numbers from the levels pre-level crossing removal works.2. Dedicated car parking for visitors to the area, shoppers etc. by providing 50-60 short term parking spaces, located on the norther side of the station precinct with multiple access points from Neerim Road. Not simply additional commuter car parking.3. Retaining two way vehicle access along the entire stretch of Neerim Road so that customers, suppliers etc. can retain direct vehicle access to local businesses. 4. Given, the bus stops on Neerim Road have been previously earmarked for relocation, use this opportunity to provide further car parking in their place.5. Provide multiple entry points to all car parking areas from Neerim Road. 6. Appropriate development of land marked by the LXRA as "value capture". This land should be used for civic space.7. Improve visibility around the new station precinct, including improved lighting and increased security measures, i.e. CCTV cameras. 8. Existing shops adjacent to the new Murrumbeena station should be encouraged to open up rear, station facing courtyards etc. which would help activate the area under the tracks.
    • Paul Henry over 2 years ago
      Some strong points from Olive here. I disagree that two way traffic is required for businesses to have direct access to roads - access would be retained with one way traffic. Further, one-way traffic would allow for more space for car parking, which Olive rightly says is important.The removal of much of the congestion from the level crossing is a great opportunity to open the space up to pedestrians and allow businesses to thrive with on-street dining options available. I think businesses would be much better off with one-way traffic in Neerim Rd.
      • AndrewE over 2 years ago
        Yes, well said olive. Your assessment of what was required is sound. Alas the documents presented on this site are strongly advocating option one in spite of your sound local knowledge. That's the biggest concern that I have with this project. It really does appear to be focussed on the retail strip alone and without due consideration for local impacts or the wider consequences of the Link Road. That carpark is massive. Why does it barely rate a mention? Why is a Link Road the only option for that piece of potential green space? Surely we can do better than a single point of entry to our retail strip.
  • Paul Henry over 2 years ago
    I love option 1. One way traffic in Neerim Rd would improve the village feel and allow for pleasant, on-street dining.
  • garred over 2 years ago
    Just received an email from council with design one and two incorrectly pointing to the wrong diagram. This will cause a lot of confusion (again!!)
  • Brent Rokos about 3 years ago
    Yes, well put by Olive. Plans to restrict access to Ardyne St and Dunoon St will adversely effect residents and appear to be unnecessary, as is the proposed linking of Ardyne and Hobart Sts. Can the council please make clear where they intend to move the bus stops to? At one stage I believe this was Railway Ave. Relocating buses to Railway Ave would result in additional traffic hazards and risk for pedestrians and commuters crossing Railway Ave from Dunoon and Ardynes Sts to reach the railway station. Normally I'm half asleep so extra dangerous for me :(. Enhancing the village feel of Murrumbeena can be achieved very simply by providing a really beautiful design as far as green space goes and that was promised with Skyrail, leaving traffic conditions largely unchanged and by helping local businesses to thrive - if that means funds to restore buildings, promoting/holding local events in the area, encouraging diversity in the types of business that are in the strip, rear facing courtyards as mentioned below, that would be helpful.