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over 2 years ago
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  • PhilipT over 2 years ago
    Option 1 is by far the best design I believe. Retaining two way traffic, rejecting the idea of increased trees and planting in the centre median as suggested by some would maintain the status quo; an overly busy thoroughfare with no redeeming features or reasons for visitation. Removing one lane of traffic would at least allow for the possibility of increased options for outdoor seating and dining like other nearby areas. If nothing changes then Murrumbeena will continue to be forgotten in favour of Carnegie and Oakleigh.
  • TomK over 2 years ago
    There should be a zebra crosing across Railway Parade at the end of Dunnoon St because of all the passengers and shoppers who walk from the station/shops and cross at Dunoon St (less so at the moment because the footbridge is gone and its ground level walkway replacement is not there yet, but they will be back to crossing at Dunoon St) and then go along Dunoon St or Railway Parade. This is particularly the case if the link road is built.The opposition shown, in the LXRA`s COSEP consulatations, to the cyclists and pedestrians sharing a path in the new parkland is evidence that there should be a pedestrian crossing at the Dunoon St end of the station so the station/shops-Railway Parade pedestrians can cross away from the cyclists without having to walk along the path.Dunoon St needs a concrete pedestrian refuge at the Railway Parade end as it is so wide. This would make it more pedestrian friendly and safer.
  • Antony over 2 years ago
    If council are serious about improving amenity in the wake of the monstrous skyrail, they should abandon the crazy link road idea which will flood Hobart rd and adjoining streets with traffic. Don't we have larger arterial roads such as Murrumbeena for this through traffic? Isn't this why they removed the level crossing? Can only be Option 2.
  • patgean over 2 years ago
    Whilst navigation links on the web page are correct - Residents who pick Design 1 from the e-mail are actually getting the design 2 download/map. This could easily result in some respondents incorrectly supporting a particular Design. Given the anxiety felt by some due to how skyrail communications were handled, I expected more from our council in ensuring that information is correct before publishing
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    • garred over 2 years ago
      Completely agree. The original email that went out had these design confused. Then I posted on here about it and the moderator removed my comments.I then asked for an explanation from the council person who sent the email who said she would get back to me- still waiting. Hard to tell if this is all deliberate but it does makes you cynical.
  • garred over 2 years ago
    2 way street is the preferred option. We do not want a link road, this will make Hobart road busier and we have a school. We do not want Hobart Rd made one way or closed in any way. Am concerned we are not seeing the truth with option 1 and bus lanes. Why would you have the bus lanes on Murrumbeena road? Esp without a slip lane of some sort.
  • Olive1964 over 2 years ago
    Two way traffic only please
  • Dorothy over 2 years ago
    I like option one;The long term and short term parking, plenty of trees and vegetation, increased pedestrian space it will be easier and more enjoyable to visit Murrumbeena village and travel from Murrumbeena station. I believe the link road will greatly improve the traffic flow in the area and will mean that many of us will have to adapt to these changes, this will be hard but of benefit in the long term
  • HP17 over 2 years ago
    Option 1 due to car parking and to improve the shopping experience.
  • CM12 over 2 years ago
    Design One is my preferred option. It will create a lovely village feel for the community and there will be more parking. The link road will reduce traffic congestion in the area.
  • Clare over 2 years ago
    Design 2 is the only design that respects the community and maintains the village feel.
  • NT over 2 years ago
    My preference is design 2. Leave Neerim Road 2-way. The number of visitors is in jeopardy if it is changed to being 1 way because access to the strip will require either use of public transport or use of the side streets to get into position to use the street one way.
  • LAS over 2 years ago
    Leave Neerim Rd 2 way.
  • AK over 2 years ago
    It would be great to help Murrumbeena shops grow and develop through the upgrade of pedestrian areas. Allowing more pedestrian pathway and seating area for cafes will help Murrumbeena grow as a suburb. There are currently great cafes on Neerim Road, but very few opportunities for outdoor seating. Having the opportunity to add outdoor seating, markets and a village atmosphere similar to Oakleigh, Greville St Prahran, and South Melbourne Market would hugely benefit the area and community.
  • Stuck in Traffic over 2 years ago
    Having read the information on Council’s website I’m partial to Design Option 1 subject to consideration of an independent traffic report that demonstrates the impact of vehicle flows on local streets. More broadly, I would like to see the Murrumbeena Level Crossing Project take a holistic approach at integrating and revitalising the surrounding area and not solely Neerim Road. There are also businesses operating nearby on Murrumbeena Road that I would hope could also benefit. The limited parking along Murrumbeena Road (south of Railway Pde) is a major issue for traders and customers alike that patronise the Pizza, Asian takeaway, Chicken shops, the Thai restaurant, the Dentist and Hairdresser. With the proposed relocation of the bus stops closer to the station surely this would provide an opportunity to also revisit the parking restrictions that currently make access to these businesses difficult.Its time to make accessibility to traders around Murrumbeena Station and its surrounds (not just Neerim Road) Great Again! BTW - Page 24 of the SGS Economics & Planning report states that “SGS have identified the following services as being available at Neerim Road: Stonnington School of Dance, Thomson Real Estate, Care Training Australia”. Last time I checked these were on Murrumbeena Road and Railway Parade respectively.
  • RGT over 2 years ago
    Design 1, with the Link Road is flawed and very bad for local residents! It will create a real opportunity for “rat running” between North and South Murrumbeena that would lead to a substantial increase in traffic in Ardyne Street, Dunoon Street & Gerald Street.Constructing the Link Road will also produce another road crossing for the pedestrian and cycling path that is planned to be constructed along the rail corridor.The Link Road will generate the need for a pedestrian crossing on Railway Parade near the Murrumbeena station to provide safe access to the station due the increased traffic that would use Railway Parade.Creating a Link Road is against the overwhelming majority of opinions from the Stage 2 of Murrumbeena consultation, where over 70% of the 135 survey respondents stated that they did not support any of the Link Road options.
  • jc over 2 years ago
    I prefer option one. Living on the south side of the tracks and driving my son to and from Murrumbeena Primary will mean using the link road and avoiding Murrumbeena Rd. The one way traffic will create more space and a safer environment.
  • KJS over 2 years ago
    Will there be an opportunity to actually vote on what we want as residents? Or will state gov and council go ahead with what they decided is best regardless (a la skyrail?)
  • Patty over 2 years ago
    Prefer Option ONE, definitely. Because more footpath space is needed. Option TWO is more cluttered/congested with less footpath space & far less parking spaces than the BETTER DESIGN of Option ONE.
  • over 2 years ago
    I think that the link road will lead to an improvement in traffic flow as it removes the double traffic lights currently in place. The restriction of traffic flow in Neerim Road will also add value for retailers.
  • LC over 2 years ago
    I think that the option with the link road and Neerim Road one way seems the most effective option. I read the economic report and I think it suggests that this will be the best option for the retailers. It is in the interests of all locals to maintain a thriving shopping precinct. Also it will allow more priority for pedestrians. On reading the traffic report it seems that this option allows more capacity for the future with the disadvantage of needing to provide a crossing for the southern shared pathway across the link road. I'm sure that it will be possible to mange this crossing.
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    • Beena over 2 years ago
      Are you serious - clearly you don't live in the vicinity of the Shopping Village. Where are the traffic management plans for cars rat-running down narrow residential streets because they can only access Neerim Road from one direction?!
    • BeenaRes over 2 years ago
      Is this a stitch up? The reports, diagrams, and "expert opinions" are clearly written in the favour of option one. This is the same link road which caused so much dissent that Glen Eira Council chose to re think their comms. The song remains the same and it is clear that people who have lived here for a very long time don't want a link road. Option Two will be fine thanks. It achieves the best outcomes for all without major and quite frankly, unnecessary changes.
  • fairbairn over 2 years ago
    see the newly amended plans they appear more helpful
  • palmview167 over 2 years ago
    I am finding it hard to visualise how the village will look from the drawings provided. Can you provide a more realistic image?
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    • Abe over 2 years ago
      Yes I agree! The design drawings are very low on detail and there should be more detail, including labelling and a key so that we know what is what on the design. I imagine that the full scale mark ups and 3D versions are not produced yet as there has not been the level of consultation for this, this would be the first step in the design plan I imagine
  • garred over 2 years ago
    Just received an email from council with design one and two incorrectly pointing to the wrong diagram. This will cause a lot of confusion (again!!)
  • Amanda over 2 years ago
    I think your consultation is good - I can look at the plans at home and comment in the evening. Agree that the downloads for options 1 and 2 are switched around and should be corrected. Would also have liked to see 3D renders of how Neerim Road would look. I think reducing traffic in Neerim Road is good. I don't want to see more parking - I want to see other modes of transport given priority over the car.