Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve design option one (Neerim Road one-way with link road)

over 2 years ago
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  • Sophia over 2 years ago
    Option 1 should be rejected. It can only be improved by allowing two way traffic on Neerim Road as is currently the case. Option 1 is likely to bring further traffic into Hobart Road - a residential street with a primary school which is not designed for consistent two way traffic flow like Neerim Road is. Partially blocking Hobart Road as the Council considered in the last consultation would not work at all for those needing to access Hobart Road or the school. Neerim Road was built for two way traffic - it is a wide road where cars can easily pass in both directions. It is important to leave Neerim Road two way so that cars can access the shops in both directions. Apart from the railway crossing issue which skyrail is supposed to improve, the traffic and shop access situation with Neerim Road being two ways works well. Making Neerim Road one way with a wider footpath would not encourage me to go to the shopping strip more - instead I'd try to avoid going there because the convoluted way the traffic would work if Neerim Road is one way would make it harder for me to access the shops.
  • Erin Beissel over 2 years ago
    I think Design One is the best fit for Murrumbeena - Design One enhances the community feel that we already have in Murrumbeena, without taking away from parking, and will create a stronger community through easier pedestrian access.
  • Todd over 2 years ago
    For those interested, below is the Murrumbeena Village Traders Association submission to Council during the last round of consultation. TO BE CLEAR, TRADERS WANT TO RETAIN TWO-WAY ALONG NEERIM ROAD. The Murrumbeena Village Traders Association represents the interests of traders located in and around the Murrumbeena Village. This submission has been prepared on behalf of the traders mentioned above by the Traders Association Committee.The Murrumbeena Village Traders Association welcomes the opportunity to provide comment to Council on the Transforming Murrumbeena proposal. In particular, I appreciate the briefing provided recently by Council’s Aidan Mullen and James Kearney, about the project and the associated consultation process.I would like to point out that, as an association, we strongly support Council’s desire to support the community through a period of profound change and help make the most of opportunities to create a better Murrumbeena Village, post Level Crossing Removal works.I also acknowledge the diversity of stakeholders that need to be appropriately engaged for a proposal such as this. In particular, I note that it is extremely challenging to engage with stakeholders that have very different interests. That being said, I am concerned that stakeholders directly affected by stage two of Council’s community engagement have only had one month to provide comment, particularly when these suggested changes will likely have a significant impact on their businesses and livelihoods. Within this context, the Murrumbeena Village Traders Association strongly encourages Council to include the following recommendations in the final Transforming Murrumbeena proposal:• Retaining two-way vehicle access along Neerim Road within the Murrumbeena Village so that customers, suppliers, residents et al. can retain direct vehicle access to local businesses and properties. This is our top priority. • An increase in overall car parking numbers from the levels pre-level crossing removal works. This may also include utilising the former Billy Motors site until such time as it is developed.• A dedicated car park for visitors to the area by providing 50-60 timed short term parking spaces, located on the northern side of the station precinct with multiple access points from Neerim Road. Not simply additional commuter car parking. • As mentioned above and unlike the One Mile Grid traffic report recommendations, provide multiple entry points to all future commuter and/or short term car parking areas from Neerim Road, north of the station precinct. • Relocate the bus stops and taxi ranks currently located on Neerim Road to the southern side of the station precinct and use this opportunity to provide further on-street car parking in their place. • Appropriate development of land marked as "value capture" by the Level Crossing Removal Authority. This land should only be developed to respect the neighbourhood character of the area which is largely characterised by one to two storey buildings. • Improve visibility around the new station precinct, including improved lighting and increased security measures, i.e. CCTV cameras.  Finally, much of the engagement material associated with Council’s proposal focuses on the benefits that will accrue to the broader community through the provision of new public realm, open space, pedestrianising Neerim Rd etc. This addresses the interests of the broader community, but does not adequately address the interests of the business and property owners who are directly affected by the concept ideas. The concerns and interests of the latter cohort require specific, and in some cases individual, attention.I thank you for the opportunity to make this submission and would be pleased toelaborate if required.Murrumbeena Village Traders Association
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    • AnnVL over 2 years ago
      Great response Todd!
    • kerryblue over 2 years ago
      I would like to add my support to the above submission from Murrumbeena Village Traders Association. Keep Neerim Rd two-way - just forget the silly central plantings.
    • Murradale mess over 2 years ago
      I whole heartedly support the Murrumbeena Village Traders Assoc. I am amazed they have & continue to endure the massive negative impact to their businesses? In other much larger hubs e.g. ormond & bentleigh railway stain replacements, a significant number of previously healthy businesses failed; and the rail works there were relatively quickly accomplished. Murrumbeena looks like it will go on forever. Without traders there will not be any shopping strip! Make Neerim Rd one way through the strip and kill it off completely. The whole purpose of removing the rail crossing was to improve traffic flow - why on earth do we need another underpass at the end of Hobart Rd., until we see how the new situation plays out. Surely it can be reviewed at a later date? Can Glen Eira Council please concentrate all it's efforts to lobby the State Govt. to get the Stations finished ASAP & Sky Rail built so things can return to some normality. Instead of wasting time and money doing all this design nonsense. Could council also consider a temporary ban of building huge new multi-storey flats within 500metres of rail works projects!! at least to stop adding more grief to residents, commuters & traders, trying to survive in daily life in these hot spots. Jill
  • Murradale mess over 2 years ago
    Reject Option one. Much prefer Option two being Neerim Rd two way Jill Ainslie
  • Chantal over 2 years ago
    I do not support Design Option 1. I don't feel that additional pedestrian space is required or additional parking given there will be rail parking. Reducing the traffic to one way would be totally impractical for those who live in the area and I object to the idea of a link road which will just funnel more traffic into Hobart Road and the surrounding side streets. Given there is a Primary School in Hobart Road, I think increasing the traffic flow on Hobart Road would pose a significant risk to the children who attend the school
  • Oldfoles over 2 years ago
    We have already expressed our opposition to Design One but separate emails to Council have not provided any response. The Council, in seeking residents' comments to both Designs One and Two has not expressed its preference, although we strongly suspect it's Design One. Why not? We are entitled to know the direction in which our elected representatives are heading. We have seen this type of action before. For example, a few years ago, according to Council, there was only one possible location for a tall mobile phone relay tower within Murrumbeena Reserve, yet , after residents' objections and a mayoral casting vote, a shorter mobile tower was positioned on Kangaroo Road!
  • Antony over 2 years ago
    I do not support option 1 because of the link road. It would turn Hobart rd and the streets linking it to Murrumbeena rd rat runs reducing amenity and creating a danger to residents and children attending Murrumbeena Primary. North-south traffic should be directed to Murrumbeena rd, which will be free moving without the level crossing.
  • kerryblue over 2 years ago
    I have lived in Murrumbeena continuously for 38 years and I use the Neerim Rd shopping strip at least twice a week. I am against Option 1 because I think linking Hobart Rd & Railway Parade/Ardyne St may well cause the former to become a rat-run. With a primary school and an aged care facility in Hobart Rd an increase in traffic is not desirable. The same holds true for the streets which link Murrumbeena Rd and Hobart Rd. They are at least 95% residential, are already narrow and have a lot of cars parked in them, plus one of them has a permanent bus route. They do not need more through traffic. Travelling south by car on Neerim Rd (from Poath Rd), I would be encouraged by the new route to proceed on to Carnegie rather than have to double back on to a one-way eastbound-only Neerim Rd. Or maybe I’ll just fo north to Oakleigh. I can't see how the traders are going to benefit from a one-way system. I also believe locating the bus stops near the traffic lights at Murrumbeena Rd/Railway Parade is a further impediment to car traffic just when it has been freed up by the removal of the level crossing. It would seem the Council is determined to force Option 1 on us given the “comparison” document devotes more than twice the space to it; and note the positive words “expand”, “increase”, etc, whereas Option 2 only has “some improvements”. Turning the strip into a “shopping/dining mecca” can only be at the cost of existing traders – say goodbye laundrette, op-shop, dry-cleaner, newsagent, car repair shops, post-office – the very services that locals need/want from a shopping strip. I don’t want to go to Chadstone for my dry-cleaning/parcel collection, etc. The services that current traders offer have survived because we like them! And we use them! Forget Option 1 – I vote for Option 2 (with a few tweaks – forget the centre tree plantings).
  • Phil Ridder over 2 years ago
    I support OPTION 1 because it will allow Murrumbeena to be more 'local' with a greater village feel by having the bulk of traffic (which only passes through) removed to the south side.Locals have a good look......The shopping strip is old and tired and hopefully with this new plan it will be re-invigorated with new businesses for the future.
  • garred over 2 years ago
    Design 1 is not what we want. Making neerim road one way is completely unnecessary. The link really road will only encourage more traffic down neerim road when I thought the idea was to move traffic out of murrumbeena.Am also concerned people will use Hobart road more. We have s school there. We do not then want councils original idea to turn Hobart Rd into a one way street.
  • Olive1964 over 2 years ago
    Please keep two way traffic. No to one way!
  • K over 2 years ago
    The best way to improve this is to not implement a one way shop. Your reports explicitly say that you are aware that the community overwhelmingly prefer a two way option yet you wish to forge ahead and make it one way anyway. Respect the community and the shop owners who have suffered enough and keep the two way road.
  • Audrey Falconer over 2 years ago
    “Murrumbeena Village” is a village to serve the locals, not a "destination". Turning it into a "destination" will change the needs for the area - people will stay longer so will need more parking. And it will no longer meet the needs of the local residents.If Option 1, who will be serving the coffee on the lovely wide footpath? The op shop? The dry cleaner? The post office? The laundrette? The barber? If we go for this option it needs radical redesign. It was noted that there will always be safety issues with crossing the road so this cannot be provided by the other side. If Option 1, the angle parking is placed on the right side of the road. It should be placed on the left for easier and safer use. Angle parking to the right is much more difficult. If Option 1, the current ban on right turns from Murrumbeena Road to Railway Parade must be removed (and signalised to facilitate this turn). While you have done peak hour weekday surveys showing not much traffic turning right from Murrumbeena Road to Neerim Road has come from further south, I can assure you that outside these times many people do indeed need to drive north up Murrumbeena Road and turn right into Neerim Road to access destinations outside the local area, such as the Monash Freeway and Chadstone Shopping Centre. All of this traffic would be forced down through the one way part of Neerim Road if they are not able to turn into Railway Parade. That said, no to Option 1! We do not want a rat run from Kangaroo Road to Dandenong Road which is what the link road will create, no matter how complex you make the intersection with Ardyne and Railway Parade. Option 2 has issues with silly trees down the middle of the road which reduces safety, visibility and also prevents any opportunity to pass an awkwardly stopped bus. It is common for buses to remain at the stops for extended periods. Yes, I know everyone is devastated at the massive loss of trees - we don't want them put back bang in the middle of the road, however! Every street planting that has been attempted in this part of Neerim Road has failed dramatically and I do not think that plantings are required here. However, we want plenty of plantings as part of the "Skyrail" project! Parking. Originally there was a small car park next to the laundrette. 12 spaces from memory. All numbers for parking do not take into account the loss of these spaces. Council should be negotiating with the LRXA to have this parking reinstated/replaced (with suitable time controls) in the new rail car park. The location for this should be as close and convenient as possible for the shops. I would suggest the former car yard site. It was very disappointing that your "experts" had obviously never visited the Murrumbeena Village area.
  • tony russell over 2 years ago
    Don't do it will destroy the shops
  • khunaum over 2 years ago
    I propose to support design two - Neerim Road two way and no link road. The main reasons are as follows:1) Safety for the residents and young children who always use Hobart street and Railway Parade. There are a lot of young children walking on these streets to go to Murrumbeena Primary school.On proposed design 1 and new link road, this design will give a lot more traffic on Railway parade and especially on Hobart street (having the fact that in the next 10 years, it would be many more apartment complex from the new council plan). Imagine when the kids (including my kid or maybe possibly future of your young children) walk to the school, how many streets crossing and number of cars, they need to walk pass. The design number 2 with two way on Neerim road give the better design for the community. The cars that does not need to come on Hobart street or railway parade, can go on Poath road or Murrumbeena road.In addition, after the sky rail completed, the resident would use the bike path under sky rail. If the council chooses to build the link road, it will be more dangerous for bikers or pedestrians who use the bike path (and again for young kids who will use the path). What the most important in the community is the safety of the residents and especially for the young children in the area. You just need only one stupid driver to kill one family. You can see how bad of accident occurred in Cranbourne east smash. This is not worth the risk. The link of the news is as below: do not build more road in the kids' area. Safety comes first. I live on Dunoon Street in Murrumbeena since 2003 and can see how the residents use the streets. 2) More business opportunities for the local shops in the Murrumbeena's Village. With the proposed designed two, it would bring more business to the local shops. Two ways traffic is necessary factor for the local shop to survive. From the feedback session, the council can see the massive supportive that the local residents support design two and request Neerim two-way. If the council blocks the traffic from Hobart to go to Neerim road North way, the shoppers will have more option to go to Carnegie or Hughdale. As a result, it will be bad business for Murrumbeena's Village. 3) Save budget from building new link road. You can use that money to improve bike path, plant more trees and build more parks and open space for the Murrumbeena's community. That is what the government keeps promising to us about sky rails (more parks, not more road).
  • stephenD over 2 years ago
    Design one can be improved by retaining two way traffic along Neerim roads.This will help the traders and their customers and remove the through traffic which clogs the shopping strip. It will also prevent traffic having to use side streets to access the shops.The City of Glen Eira needs to accept Vic Tracks offer to have a link road or regret the missed opportunity for generations to come. If not built now it cannot be done in the future when they have built apartments and multistory carparks along both sides of the skyrail. Short term pain for long term gain.I believe northbound traffic avoiding the Murrumbeena / Dandy Road intersection are more likely to use Oakdene, Blackwood and Anzac (an area where I live), rather than Hobart Road.The City of GlenEira needs to negotiate short term parking with Victrak as on street parking in either option is not sufficient.
  • Greg Neal over 2 years ago
    Great work arriving at design One! The link road and one way Neerim Rd will transform the strip into a shopping /dining mecca by removing unwanted traffic and increasing parking and pedestrian amenity. I see a problem with rail trail shared path causing traffic congestion with level crossing on link road and Murrumbeena Rd. How about having an elevated shared path/ bridge in east west orientation for pedestrians and cyclists on the side of elevated rail? This could help pedestrians and cyclists safety while allowing smoother flow of car traffic below. I remember how useful our old station footbridge was for crossing rail line and avoiding level crossing boom gates. Thank you Glen Eira for seizing this opportunity to redesign an historically congested urban landscape.
  • Ana over 2 years ago
    I am a late but enthusiastic convert to Option 1! After attending the recent consultation session it became clear to me that Option 1 is really the only way to keep our shopping centre alive and in-tune with the changing times. The talk given about the changing needs/expectations of shoppers really hit home. In the not too distant future, people will do much of their shopping online and will mostly want shop fronts to provide services and experiences. If our little shopping strip is not designed to accommodate this change, it risks fading away to irrelevance. On the other hand, if it is designed properly, it can set a new standard and be an example of how to keep a small shopping strip alive!I understand that it can be hard for people to get their heads around fundamental changes like this. But its the ones that do who thrive. Sure, both options involve compromise, but we need to make sure the compromises accommodate our best hope for maintaining relevance as the future comes ever closer.Please, Glen Eira, be brave and lead us to relevance and the way of the future! Changes will arrive and we can choose to be prepared or not.
  • Tiddalik over 2 years ago
    I have a serious concerns about option 1 and perhaps someone can help us all out with a few straight answers. 1. Carpark - Skyrail carpark is massive. From the station to Riley Res. Why has it been omitted from the pictures when it is the overwhelming feature of the space? Link Road removes many more car parking spaces than will be created by option 1. Why is option 1 being promoted as achieving more carparks when option 2 can achieve even more 'short term' car parking closer to the station and within the main carpark? 2. Bus Stops - Both the 822 and 624 use Beena Rd and the NorthEast corner of R'way and Beena is being altered to accommodate the 624 only. No explanation was given for why the 822 must continue to divert through Sydney and Hobart (.... it's because the old bus stop is next to the ped crossing on Neerim and the bus needs to get to the station side of the street). Why isn't the North East corner of R'way and Beena being properly designed to accomodate a decent transport interchange between train and bus? 3. Traffic - The presentation by Stuart (...tough gig Stu) needed 5 slides to explain the convoluted changes, signals, roundabouts, intersections, ped and bike crossings that Link Road brings with it.Why are the wider traffic control measures on residential streets not being shown? Stuart talked about speed humps, narrow points and "other measures" (read mid-block closures and one way streets) to address the rat runs AFTER the Link Road is in. What are the chances that we will be able to step back from this Link Road once it's in?4. Scope - The project is narrowly focused on outdoor "lingering" spaces in the western end of the Neerim Rd strip. Is this really where we want to linger longer? All of the current traders need to GO to accomodate these new dining opportunities (unless the post office can make a decent coffee).Why can't we re-focus on our suburb as a whole and not just a couple of picnic tables out the front of the laundromat?Village feel is about quite walkability, kids, dogs, prams, trees and open green space. The proposed traffic changes absolutely fail to address this in any form and the motivations behind option 1 are questionable best.You had paid professionals introduced as "independent Experts" but the real experts were all there, and they came for free. They should be listened to because they know their suburb better than anyone. They are telling you what to do right here and whilst a couple of people are on board with option 1, the vast majority are clearly warning that fools rush in where angels fear to tread. ...Oh one last question. Would anyone else like to see the same Link Road space used as a green, accessible, north south connection for everyone who LIVES in Murrumbeena?
  • trinityjayone over 2 years ago
    The extra parking is the only nice thing about this design, and it still comes at too great a cost. Bus stops on Murrumbeena Rd are going to slow traffic. Intersections at Murrumbeena Rd on both sides of the tracks would barely be an improvement on the current situation! There definitely needs to be an increase in parking, but convoluting the nearby roads is not the way to achieve it.
  • Cranky over 2 years ago
    I suggest Neerim road be turned into a mall with no vehicular traffic allowed. The mall could be designed to be a magnet for people which in turn will be great for local business. Do not let Chastone Shopping Centre be the only place people want to go for shopping. Turn the area into a ""People Zone" not a "Traffic Zone".
  • djt over 2 years ago
    Without bring repetitive to everyone elses concerns and comments, Its pretty clear that consultants show a lack of understanding of traffic or empathy for the Neerim Rd business's and the local residents when they suggest reducing passing traffic or making Neerim Rd one way.. Just some observations and questions. What is the actual reason that the council wants to create another intersection and link rd when 200 metres up the road you have the same scenario. There is plenty of ways to create carparks as has been suggested by others. What is the actual reason to make the strip one way. Why create a bus stop on the opposite side of Murrumbeena Rd. Will you actually get a row of trees down the middle of Neerim Rd in the 2 way traffic scenario(maybe someone get a tape out and measure), Would the North bound bus not just stop traffic. Would the passengers still stop traffic to get across to the station. Where do you think West bound traffic on Neerim Rd wanting to go north at Murrumbeena Rd will do. Gee, maybe cut through Hobart and turn the residential streets into a thouroughfare. Brighten up the shopping strip is a great idea but turning away the customers to the strip and making it difficult for the locals who live and breath the area, just doesn't make any sense.
  • MAS over 2 years ago
    Not a fan of the one way flow, round abouts and intersection at railway parade and Ardyne. All very confusing and I think it would be a deterrent to new comers to visit this location, especially if they are coming from the East and wanting to go to the cafes etc. I would think we could sacrifice some of the area under the skyrail to accommodate some extra parking and continue with the 2 way flow through at Neerim road. Outdoor dining for the existing cafe on the South side of Neerim could be offered by the land to the East of it. There is no other current trader that really needs outdoor area at this stage.Bus stops on Murrumbeena road do not make sense, would be better on Railway Parade to avoid halting traffic, especially traffic wanting to continue South around traffic that is turning West on Neerim. Increasing traffic flow was the original reason for sky rail in the first place. Much prefer option 2 and not have a thoroughfare from Hobart to Ardyne and 2 way on Neerim.
  • AnnVL over 2 years ago
    I think that the one-way option is not going to serve our community. Given the challenges our local traders are facing financially due to the skyrail disruptions, we need to support them as much as possible - other wise we won't have any shops to go to regardless of how safe it is for pedestrians or how wide the footpaths are. I think that the wider footpaths are great - can we have them with a two way option?
  • LAS over 2 years ago
    After attending the Q&A last night I wish ti make further comments. 1. It is essential for the local residents [many of who by the way are rate payers] living south east of Dunoon St to have a safe pedestrian pathway from their homes to the shopping strip on Neerim Rd and to the primary school in Hobart Rd without the need to battle traffic, cyclists or have to walk up to Murrumbeena Rd to get to the shops and or school. The pedestrians must have safe access and right of way across the bike path under the sky rail . 2. Within a 500m radius of the Neerim Rd shops we have 3 nursing homes, primary school, day centre for adults with multiple disabilities a number of whom use electric wheelchairs, a child care centre and maternal health centre. We also have a number of local residents with physical, intellectual and mental health concerns as well as teenage school children commuting from Murrumbeena who are constantly on their mobile phones and not looking around. Taking our vast varied local population into consideration , how is it considered safe to suggest a shared vehicular and pedestrian pathway from the intersection of Murrumbeena Rd and Neerim Rd down Neerim Rd for some metres. It is an accident waiting to happen.3.There was discussion about Al Fresco dining on the south side of the shopping centre on Neerim Rd and the need to expand the footpath to accommodate that. As there is only one cafe on that side presently and the need to maintain the PO, laundrette, barber and dry cleaners for the local residents to access there appears reduced need for a lot of space for outside dining. Perhaps this is being strongly encouraged by the designers as the council could potentially increase their revenues by charging shop dwellers for using the outside pavement in the future.4. The idea of a set of traffic lights for the bike path when it crosses Murrumbeena Rd under the Sky Rail defies logic. The whole idea of removing the rail crossing was to improve traffic flow. Even with an integrated signal system to the traffic lights either side of the bike path lights on Murrumbeena Rd- Neerim Rd intersections there will be traffic delays if cars have to stop for the bikes. Why can't the cyclists who a riding through Murrumbeena to elsewhere get off their bikes at Murrumbeena Rd and cross at either of the two existing crossing as all the local residential pedestrians have to. No to this extra set of traffic lights...why did we bother to remove the train line!!5. Once the Link Rd set up was explained with road deviations, round about after round about and numerous pedestrian crossings all in the space of a very short distance I strongly believe it will be a bottle neck of traffic that will impact on local residents around Railway Pde and Hobart St and cause havoc and great frustration to the local users. I say NO to the Link Rd in its current form and probably any form.
  • Jose over 2 years ago
    Not a fan. But somehow when i read the reports it feels that the decision for this option is already made.
  • Matt over 2 years ago
    Design 1 is BAD for locals. Creating the link road will defeat the purpose of having a skyrail and lead to traffic issues in the quadrant bounded by Neerim Rd, Poath rd, Hobart Rd and Dandenong Rd
  • Katie H over 2 years ago
    The one way road makes the traffic improvements of having the skyrail redundant.
  • SK over 2 years ago
    NO to design 1......NO NO NO!!!!
  • rwetherell over 2 years ago
    Having considered the two possible design options, I am convinced the only way option one can be improved is to abandon it. I see this questionnaire does not ask for objections to either option, only for ways of improving them. Thus I will have to follow the lead of others and give my objections here. I am not a trader, but have been a regular user of the Neerim Road shops for 17 years - but have been going much more sporadically lately, since the butcher and greengrocer closed down. Now we have the Skyrail works (and I am looking forward greatly to their completion, and losing the boomgates for all time), and we are all wondering how this small shopping strip might be transformed into a landscaped retail hub, or whatever. I have known several such transformations over the years, beginning in Armidale NSW in the 1970s, when a successful mall was established in the main street. However, these have all been substantial areas and reasonably wide streets. The Neerim Road strip is short and fairly narrow. To get to the shops, it is important for drivers to be able to come in either from Murrumbeena Road, or along Neerim Road. I can see the good points of the proposed Link Road, but still, there would be no traffic access westward along Neerim Road. This would lead to a further decline in the viability of the businesses there, I feel sure. Moreover, traffic would be forced on to Hobart Road, Melbourne St and other nearby streets. I am not sure what the future carpark for the station will look like, despite some attempts to find out, but access to this is very important for those using it. I do hope there there will be more car spaces than in the old carpark (and many more at Hughesdale Station where there were few before). So I am all in favour of option two - two-way traffic along Neerim Road near Murrumbeena Station. The trees in the middle of the road would be very nice, but not essential I don't think, since there will presumably be many more trees in park-like areas along the line, to make up for the large number of lovely eucalypts taken out during the construction process.
  • Sandra over 2 years ago
    The one way traffic will only increase the traffic in melbourne street for the locals in the area. Also there should be plenty of car parking with the station near by. Making the road one way will NOT increase the customers to the shops, better stores types will bring customers.Also i don't understand why you would put the bus stop on murrumbeena road, there is a reason why we have built the skyrail to allow for better traffic flow and now you are suggesting to add bus stops in it place. i don't understand why bus stop can not be placed within the station area out of the way of main roads? Also it is not clear from the diagram, will cars be able to turn right from murrumbeena rd into railway parade when heading towards dandenong rd? or are we just increasing the traffic down ardyne street to the linked rd?
  • Clare over 2 years ago
    It has to be two way to maintain the viability of the village.
  • Consultation or Justification over 2 years ago
    What a sham this entire process is.The last round of justification (oops I mean consultation) overwhelmingly showed that LOCALS DO NOT WANT THIS LINK ROAD. And yet here it is again as one of the final 2 design options. What you are doing is divisive and dishonest. THE LOCKED IN DESIGN IS CLEARLY THE LINK ROAD. No doubt it is all for the convenience of the buses. It stands out on your designs because of your clumsily added text boxes on what is an otherwise professional design tool. I wonder how long it will take for you to remove this message (you have form).
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    • RN Long time resident over 2 years ago
      COuldn't agree more!
  • JD over 2 years ago
    I think one way on Neerim Road is an excellent idea - MORE car parking means more business for traders, not less business! I would stop more often at the Murrumbeena shops if there were more car parks.
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    • Mike over 2 years ago
      How is it excellent? No argument regarding the car parking...but if you can't drive down directly from poath road it makes no sense. Two way means more definition. Therefore the potential for more customers
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      • dars over 2 years ago
        totally agree- has to be two way
      • Russell Parrington over 2 years ago
        Passing cars are not customers. It is foot traffic that provides customers.Parking is also important
    • Beena over 2 years ago
      Don't you think the Train station car park is going to provide more parking? Clearly you don't live in the vicinity of the Shopping Village otherwise you would appreciate the traffic congestion and rat-running this one way proposal will cause for residents. We've got more than enough to put up with already with Sky Rail on our doorstep! This would just be the 'icing on the cake'.
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      • Evflit over 2 years ago
        I see the benefit of the link road being for people driving along Neerim Rd from either direction. I don't see why anyone would come down this way rather from Dandenong Rd rather than using Murrumbeena Rd - without the railway gates to hold them up, why wouldn't they?
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        • BeenaRes over 2 years ago
          Conversely, Why would anyone heading into the city from Murrumbeena South use Beena or Poath Rd to get to Dandy road? They will flood through Ardyne and Hobart then get a slip lane to join city bound traffic on Dandy. The only measure being considered to make this less attractive is to bugger up the local traffic streets with "two way narrow points, speed humps and speed limit reductions" ???? (it's already 40 on Hobart) The consequences of the Link Road go far beyond what is shown in the diagrams.
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          • RN Long time resident over 2 years ago
            I agree. No extra traffic for our residential streets.
    • Murrumbeena local over 2 years ago
      I agree!
  • Davo over 2 years ago
    Why can't carpark entry be kept on the link road?One option could be to make a large roundabout which feeds traffic through murrumbeena, neerim, railway pde back to Murrumbeena, with entry to parking on the link road. Without the level crossing, I think most people would use it.This option could keep the link road two way.Option two would be leave Neerim two way, but manage traffic to enter via Hobart or Ardyne. I live directly opposite the proposed third carpark entry on Railway Pde and I think this will only increase rat runs in the local streets... making it more difficult for locals to get out of their driveways than it has been.I think the third carpark entry on Railway Parade will bring more traffic and competition for parking past an already densely built up area.
  • FlyGirl over 2 years ago
    Neerim Road needs to be 2 way - no question - access for traders and shoppers will be less if it is one way
  • Beena Local over 2 years ago
    I often go to Murrumbeena shops and mostly walk there, but there have been times when I need to make a quick dash there by car. When I looked at design 1 (one-way option) I thought how would I get there by car? Coming from the Poath Road end of Neerim Road you might think that I would use the new link road and go all the way around. Not likely! I would choose to go down Hobart Rd and onto Melbourne Street and I don't think I would be alone. I wouldn't be very happy about that if I lived in Melbourne Street/Hobart Rd. One-way is too restrictive making it more difficult to get there and in turn people will be less inclined to want to make the effort to go there at all. In terms of parking, I would hope that there will be a number of parking bays allocated to the shops with 2 hour restrictions. It need not be allocated to commuters alone. Trees down the centre of the road?? Looks nice but wouldn't widening the footpaths be more functional??
  • Russell Parrington over 2 years ago
    I support “Design One” as it provides a friendly landscaped village atmosphere conducive to creating meeting places for the local community and visitors.Design Two does not create desirable spaces, as it leaves two lanes of traffic driving straight thru the small shopping centre, unfriendly to pedestrians keeping the area generally unpleasant, maintaining the status quo.Lanes in Melbourne’s CBD are renowned for their unique atmosphere and are popular with city workers and dwellers. Acland St. StKilda shopping precinct has been converted to a mall and is thriving with widened footpaths and creative landscaping. Councils in inner suburban Melbourne are also widening footpaths and landscaping to attract shoppers and restaurant patrons to creative village like spaces in a landscaped environment.Design One converts an ordinary motor car dominant, two lane road opposite a railway station to a single lane road thru an attractive landscaped village like, coffee / restaurant meeting place which is pedestrian friendly. It is both lane - like and mall - like, essential in creative modern street design to ensure successful small shopping precincts.To convert the small, mainly unattractive and unsuccessful , Murrumbeena shopping centre to a village like meeting place with wide pedestrian friendly spaces for tables is a Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to lift the shopping centre and should not be missed.The above reasons outline why I support the excellent Design OneRussell Parrington
  • JF over 2 years ago
    I prefer design one it will allow for increased pedestrian traffic and create a village atmosphere. Realistically bulky shopping will not be done in Murrumbeena, I believe creating a cafe' boutique atmosphere will bring more to the village. Moving traffic out of the precinct will help that!
  • moishirley over 2 years ago
    No to design one. Yes to design two. Design one will divert traffic unnecessarily to other residential streets. Thats not convenient & thats not what this change was supposed to achieve, for everyone, commuters, retailers, drivers, shoppers, residents. The street has to be accessible to encourage & attract us all to the local businesses without causing disruptions
  • DeniseU over 2 years ago
    Keep it two way traffic. The point of the level crossing is to improve traffic flow, not just for safety. There is more negatives than positives in this option pushing traffic down streets that don't need or want it. A few additional parking spaces will not make up for diverted traffic. Neerim road businesses should flourish when Skyrail is complete the carpark returned to the people.
  • Land of Frogs Resident over 2 years ago
    I was on the fence at first, as I can see merit in both approaches. But, after looking it over and reading through everone elses thoughts I really think Option two is the only viable way to go. This is a really big turning point for our village. Whilst Skyrail has put a big strain on the local businesses, we weren't honestly booming beforehand. I would vote for option 2 with the proposed trees down the centre relocated to the footpath, and the median strip space used to expand the footpaths as much as possible. It would allow for cafe style outdoor dining as so many have meantioned and the centre trees will be a congestion issue. Option 1 looks good on paper but there is such a high potential change of traffic usage down the side streets, which is inappropriate and detrimental to the atmosphere of the suburb. I would think also that the bus stops should be removed from Neerim too as there is going to be enough room on Murrumbeena and the traffic from the station can easily flow out that way. I'm sick of them all including the current shuttle buses taking shortcuts down my residential street and my street isn't even on the route.With Chadstone and Carnegie nearby we're competing with bigger more resourced shopping strips. We need the two way traffic for incidental shoppers, and we need to attract them with charm and atmosphere, and we can't just sell coffee, as great as it may be. Im a mostly pedestrian & public transport user & full time worker. I hate the fact that my little local green grocer is now a skyrail command centre, and all my local shops are pretty much closed on Sunday, and I am then forced to trek to Carnegie. We need renewal and we need the two lanes to do it. Its not just about attracting cafe goers, but to alongside that to improve our village feel. One lane with a link creates a bypass of our strip. Whilst there are lots of cases of areas in melb that have the one way or ped only street options that work, they were already strips that were in high demand and florishing. I dont think that works for us. Im trying to see the bright side now of the impact of skyrail and get over the anger it created for us all. We can make this beneficial, but Im so worried that the historical elements and the natural elements I fell in love with when I moved here won't be there and replaced with just shiny & new and no context to its place and its community. I just hope our new Murrumbeena still has a place for knitted lamp posts.
  • jrpell6264 over 2 years ago
    I am an advocate for Design One. I think it could be improved by closing off Neerim Rd between Murrumbeena Rd all the way to the new Link road and transforming it into 'Neerim Mall.' This would open up the whole strip to a gateway of shopping, cafes, European style open air markets and exhibitions which would increase the patronage for the traders akin to Eaton Mall in Oakleigh which is alive most days and nights. A vibrant mall like this would attract more people from afar which would increase the economy of the area. We live in Beaumaris but would definitely frequent the mall. Looking forward to it already!
  • JRM over 2 years ago
    Keep Neerim Road two way. People will bypass the shops and head straight to Carnegie when they have to make a loop.Am I just wasting my time? Is this really consultation or have you already decided? Just like Skyrail!
  • tezaus over 2 years ago
    Introducing the extension across Neerim Rd [joining Ardyne to Hobart] and making it one way in Neerim will be a negative impact to the surrounding streets and access/ amenity to the shops. A rat run from the traffic that is banked up on Dandenong rd at peak hours, not from turning into Murrumbeena rd but just traffic volume, will increase as they turn on to the service rd turn down hoabrt and then rejoin Murrumbeena rd through the side streets [ Sydney /Melbourne or any of the others off Ardyne. This will be worse if it is one way in Neerim. The car park spaces would not be affected by as much as they claim if there are no bus stops in the Neerim rd shops area, which begs the question why are they there ? Is the council going to move the bus route so it is only going along Murrumbeena??[which would be good for school/local traffic in the narrow streets] It is bad enough with the sandringham bus coming down the very narrow sydney rd to turn on to Hobart rd, how much worse for the school pickup/drop off will this make it with the extra cars bypassing the one way section? The traders, from talking with them, mostly don't want the one way. The impression, which may be wrong but it is the impression I get from conversations and the way the proposals are presented , seem to be pushing the one way and road link . Why is this ?
  • B.BROD over 2 years ago
    I am totally opposed to option 1. You will cripple the traders of an already struggling strip. You will triple or worse traffic flow in Melbourne Street, and Railway Pde, at the detriment to those residents, on roads never designed for the volume. What is the opinion of the traders to Option 1? Have you tabled their response to your proposal?This is not your livelihood you are interfering with, you will complicate all residents to the east of utilising the strip. They will have to enter Hobart st, Melbourne Street, then Murrumbeena Rd, to enter Neerim rd. They wont bother going, instead choosing Hughesdale, Chadstone or Oakliegh. You will in affect kill the struggling strip with your beautification. It may look good on paper, and make you feel good about yourselves, but the traders will pay the price. Let the traders decide, it's their livelihood, we are just visitors!
  • JG over 2 years ago
    We like the design options in Design One. The link road looks like a good idea. Also the one way street and additional angle street parking will allow a lot more people to access the shops along the street.
  • DT over 2 years ago
    My preference is for DESIGN TWO!
  • Gary over 2 years ago
    Design Two is the way to go opening up a the link road is only going to increase the traffic along railway parade.A lot of people would like the link bypass so they could bypass the shopping area so they can beat the traffic lights around the Neerim road and Murrumbeena intersection.
  • LAS over 2 years ago
    Something must be done to the entire road surface of Murrumbeena Rd from Dandenong Rd to south of the existing railway line.Patching pot holes and dips in the road surface is not good enough. Our house is becoming damaged from the vibrations from constant traffic of construction vehicles and increase in regular traffic traveling over the uneven surfaces of Murrumbeena Rd. A total resurfacing of the road from Dandenong Road southwards is essential and it needs to be sooner than later.
  • LAS over 2 years ago
    NO to Neerim Rd being one way. I agree with all the existing feedback posted already against Neerim Rd becoming one way. I am a local resident of 30 years and have put up with traffic congestion along Murrumbeena Rd, Neerim Rd and all the side streets running into Hobart Rd for years now and enough is enough. Making Neerim Rd one way would lead to increase traffic congestion on Neerim Rd, with cars turning into Neerim Rd from Murrumbeena Rd and there would be a massive increase in all the side streets linking Murrumbeena Rd to Hobart Rd which houses our large primary school. With a magnifying glass you can read on the map of design one that the entrance to Neerim Rd from Murrumbeena Rd appears to be shared vehicular and pedestrian traffic...How safe is that for anyone involved????? And the traffic congestion on Murrumbeena Rd would increase with traffic building up to turn into the shared road to enter Neerim Rd.The real locals are fed up as are the shop owners in Murrumbeena..we want 2 way traffic in the shopping strip. How do you think people will be able to easily reverse out of the angled parking proposed into a one lane road will be a congested nightmare and people will avoid it like the plague which will be bad for the shop owners.No proposal that increases congestion in our local side streets and allows more potential traffic near our primary school should be approved. The residents along Railway Pde cannot be happy with the thought they are going to be living on a busy major link road between Hughesdale and Carnegie as well as look out on the sky rail.No, NO, NO to a one way Neerim Rd.
  • AK over 2 years ago
    Option One is fantastic. Re-directing traffic flow is a great idea in conjunction with the link road. It opens up so much possibility and potential for Murrumbeena shopping strip. There will be more footpath for pedestrians and potential for cafes to have additional seating. The shops on the corner of Murrumbeena Road and Railway Parade will benefit too. Design one is a much better plan. This will allow Murrumbeena shops the opportunity to transfer and develop into a terrific small village! It works similar to the fantastic pedestrian upgrades to areas such as Greville Street Prahran or South Melbourne Market.
  • RGT over 2 years ago
    The Link Road option is bad for local residents and traders in Murrumbeena but will be great for through traffic who will save a few seconds in travel time.
  • jve over 2 years ago
    I prefer Design 2 with no Link Road. Neerim road should be as it is (two ways) as it is designed for that.Design 1 with link road will increase traffic in the residential streets.
  • Alfie over 2 years ago
    Two way traffic is clearly the best outcome for all stakeholders.
  • This is silly over 2 years ago
    First This is not really consultation. One way will just irritate the real locals, not those who just come for a latte. Having the connection of a new road was NOT the promise of sky rail to local residents. Never I'm road should be two way as it is the main thoroughfare and is designed for that. Railway parade is not designed for main traffic IT IS FOR LOCALS ONLY
  • Ken Bale over 2 years ago
    look, one way is the best but would be better with no car traffic and only pedestrianised. Been to Oakleigh and Box hill before? Now there is no barrier with the train line raised up there is no need for having two major roads right near one another.
  • Rick over 2 years ago
    I agree with the one way flow and the provision of kerb side dinning options. I believe there could be a widening on the northern side to encourage kerb side dinning as most of the traders in the current configuration are on the north. While it does experience some overshadowing with extended footpaths will get some sun and encourage trading. Additional canopy trees could be considered in the areas of no overhead power. Undergrounding of the power in the section from Murrumbeena Road to Hobart Road to reduce the clutter and improve amenity. Quality finishes are imperative, granite, bluestone and furniture. Reduction in traffic is important to encourage a pedestrian environment. Question: is the car park connected from railway parade to Neerim Road under the overhead? Plans do not indicate a connection. This connection is important as it will mean that the strip has connectivity from north and south. Overall a good concept with the overall success relying on high quality finishes.
  • Julian over 2 years ago
    The Neerim Rd one-way option with a link road is not a good idea. This will cause the following:- increase right turn traffic from Murrumbeena Rd (northbound) into Neerim Rd, narrowing the through traffic on Murrumbeena Rd;- increase traffic using Hobart Road (a narrow street with a Primary School) to by-pass the Neerim Rd one-way section, this is a serious safety issue;- increase traffic using Link Rd and Railway Parade to by-pass the Neerim Rd one-way section;- restrict traffic options for residents within the Hobart Rd side streets, resulting in Melbourne St becoming busier westbound;- Funnel more traffic down side streets to by-pass the one-way section of Neerim Rd.Please leave Neerim Rd two-way.
  • Murrumbeena local over 2 years ago
    I prefer option 1 over option 2. I want more parking, pedestrian activity and on-street dining to make Neerim Road Murrumbeena more lively. It is boring right now. I like the new link road too.
  • Mike over 2 years ago
    The one way link road is not a good idea and I oppose it. You will rob traders of 50% of the potential traffic by diverting traffic to railway parade. Why cant you leave Neerim Road as two way and create the link road? The current skyrail works and the close of the station are devastating local business. I cant see how this solution will improve the current situation. For example, if I want to visit the shop 444 Neerim Rd, and I am traveling down Neerim Road from Poath road I would need to either park in the railway car park on railway parade or do a lap by traveling down the link rd, turning right into Murrumbeena and right again into Neerim?? Its not clear which section of Neerim is one way - is it the part of it closest to Murrumbeena Road or the whole section up to the link road? This needs to be a lot clearer.
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    • Abe over 2 years ago
      I agree the design plans need to be clearer with labels on the diagram clearly stating what everything is, but I'm not sure if the traders are being 'devistated' by the current closures?!!?? The shops there have never been more busy in my opinion.
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      • fairbairn over 2 years ago
        The shop keepers have experienced a marked drop in customer visits for some time now .
      • manny over 2 years ago
        the shop keepers have been impacted immensely by the lack of foot traffic from train travellers and it has hurt them financially! The only stores gaining business are the food related ones where the skyrail bludgers eat from.
  • KJS over 2 years ago
    Option One will vastly increase traffic in residential side streets and increase risk and hazards, especially along Railway Parade for example.
  • Alduigan33 over 2 years ago
    Option 1 not sensible. Option 2 much better.
  • not happy dan over 2 years ago
    So now you want our suggestions and opinion! What about our suggestions on the "Skyrail"? We said NO and there were no consultation regarding having a Skyrail. Rail under only!!!
  • Donna over 2 years ago
    Not in favour of option 1 and only interested in option 2.
  • natleske over 2 years ago
    I disagree with making Neerim road one way. This makes it harder to access the shops - you should be trying to increase access, not decrease it. to go around the block to then have access to the shops is too much effort and we won't bother. please keep Neerim road two way! we are also concerned about a lot of extra traffic down the link road and into railway parade and Ardyne street, especially since cars won't be able to go west into Neerim rd past the shops. we live in Ardyne street and are concerned about a lot of extra traffic in our street if you go ahead with this option. If you have to do the Link road, please at least make Neerim road 2 way so that some traffic avoids the link road. otherwise the intersection of railway parade, link road and ardyne street will become very congested and may involve unsafe right-hand turns. the diagram is unclear about exactly how this intersection works and if turns can be made all ways and if this is safe. we are worried there will be a large and constant stream of traffic heading south down the link road and make the intersection unsafe.
  • alan_warpmail over 2 years ago
    The link road is a bad idea. What Glen Eira needs is more parks and green space, not more bitumen. The extra road will not be needed when Skyrail removes the level crossing. More roads create more traffic.
  • Arty over 2 years ago
    I like the idea of the link road, but not the one-way traffic in Neerim Road. Funnelling traffic onto Railway Parade from Neerim Road doesn't make sense.
  • Murrumbeena over 2 years ago
    I think the link road is the best solution in this area. I don't think it will increase traffic in Hobart road given it ends in the service lane, and people who want to get to Dandenong Road will use Murrumbeena Rd, not turn into Railway Parade and then take the link road into Hobart Road. What is does though is allow access to the other side of Neerim Road (towards Carnegie) in a straight line, instead of going near the station, turn left and then turn right, which slows traffic down and creates congestion on Murrumbeena Road. I am a local and never understood the set up of the intersection - it desperately needs improvement. It also allows less congestion on Murrumbeena Rd during school pickup / drop off time. To avoid it becoming a hazard for school children walking to and back from school, all you need to speed bump/speed limits/clever road design.
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    • BeenaRes over 2 years ago
      Allows less congestion on Murrumbeena Rd by re-directing traffic onto residential streets. Speed limit is already 40-50 on Hobart. The only other measure proposed is narrow points and speed humps? This all creates MORE conflict zones where our kids walk / ride and turns our residential neighbourhood into a thoroughfare. It does not adequately address the whole neighbourhood and is purely focussed on the Neerim Rd shops at the expense of the rest of the suburb.
  • cd89 over 2 years ago
    The link road is a brilliant idea, as one major build up of traffic on Murrumbeena Rd is from people turning right onto Neerim Rd (driving northbound) while there are cars parked in the left lane. Allowing cars to continue 'straight' through this thoroughfare from Dandenong Rd to Caulfield will be highly beneficial.
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    • Beena over 2 years ago
      Brilliant for who? All this does is force cars down narrow suburban streets or 'rat running' down Hobart Road and Melbourne Street!
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      • cd89 over 2 years ago
        It will create a quieter Neerim road, allowing it to be turned into an entertainment hub with restaurants, shops etc. which is beneficial for the suburb as Murrumbeena is truly looking a bit worse for wear in that department.We need to stay objective and look at what will benefit the suburb as a whole, not just our individual streets. Sadly, a lot of the narrow suburban streets are busy thoroughfares, both north and south of the train tracks. My remedy for this is simple. Murrumbeena Rd needs to have ALL lanes as clear ways at all times. This in addition to the crossing removal will increase traffic flow and get people off our 'quiet' side streets.
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        • BeenaRes over 2 years ago
          A bit worse for wear? Yeah, there is way too much Blue, Orange and Grey in the area. We loved our suburb because it was not a thoroughfare. This project is supposed to improve walkability and green space. How does introducing Rat Runs, one way streets and massive carparks do that? Once the Level Crossing is gone the entire suburb will be surrounded by Primary roads Dandy, Beena, Poath and North. The through traffic is mostly residential and the whole suburb will benefit from actually listening to the locals rather than the spin which arrived in my letterbox this afternoon. No Link Road (we can see what you're doing, ...once bitten)
  • ds over 2 years ago
    No link road - Hobart Road is busy enough as it is. There is a school at the Dandenong Road end and encouraging more cars into Hobart could possibly cause risk to children during school hours
  • Tim over 2 years ago
    No to a link Road. What a brain dead idea that will create annoying rat run traffic during commuter peak hour times. Cars will try to get from Kangaroo to Dandenong Rs via this route. Disaster for locals!!
  • AndrewE over 2 years ago
    No Link Road. *warning- missing detail* the posted design one fails to include the "traffic puzzle" that BEENA will become. Dunoon St closed at R'way. Hobart Rd mid block closure at Melb. Without these measures Rat Running will overwhelm the village feel. Walkability is achieved by reducing traffic thoroughfares not introducing new ones. Turn the Link Road into a Link Path for peds bikes and prams. If you provide 10,000 car spaces you will attract 10,000 cars. Keep the busses on beena road and out of the side streets, protect our kids around the school, keep neerim two way and leave us just a little piece of suburb we once knew. Link Road will not maintain our village feel. It will kill it off once and for all. Please don't do it.
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    • Tim over 2 years ago
      Totally agree. The rat running with a link road will be a danger to pedestrians and create more traffic.
  • Lauren over 2 years ago
    No one way. Needs to be two way. And no link road!
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    • Margaret over 2 years ago
      Totally agree.
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      • dars over 2 years ago
        totally!- two way thanks
  • fairbairn over 2 years ago
    With the recently amended Design One &Two it is clear what is suggested to happen .There needs to be an easy way to get to the shops when approaching from Poath road ,my suggestion would to turn right into Hobart Road and go around to Murrumbeena Rd. around the back of the shops via Melbourne St. The link road will encourage drivers to use Neerim Rd. coming from that direction and avoiding the Shops altogether also the Rat-Runners will use the link road to avoid Murrumbeena Rd. Hobart Rd will be hammered and Riley St thru Wilson St . The link and Railway Parade will need to be at least two lanes each way in other words a 4 lane thruway with purpose designed traffic lights to favour this thruway at peak times
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    • Mike over 2 years ago
      Why cant We just go straight? Seems like a lot of pointless effort..
    • Beena over 2 years ago
      As a person that lives in Melbourne Street, I don't need any more traffic barreling down the street thank you. It's a narrow residential Street already overrun with trucks and cars, more of the same we don't need!
  • Beena over 2 years ago
    I live in Melbourne Street, and would like to understand how you propose to manage the significant increase in traffic using this street as result of these plans? I am opposed this one way design for Neerim Road as it will only increase traffic congestion in narrow suburban streets - which is already an issue for residents. This might look pretty, and wonderful on paper - just like Sky Rail - but lacks common sense.
  • PY over 2 years ago
    Design one seems focused on people approaching Murrumbeena from the west. I think having Neerim Rd one way will cause people approaching Murrumbeena on Neerim Rd from the east to just bypass Murrumbeena and go onto Carnegie. To get to Murrumbeena shops you will have to go past and loop back. Also the plans are lacking on any detail about how traffic will be managed on Hobart Rd and Ardyne St.
  • Margaret over 2 years ago
    Those of us who live in the streets between Neerim Road and the Highway don't need any more traffic using Hobart Road. It's a narrow street, part of a regular bus route and regularly has cars parked on both sides of the road leaving insufficient space for oncoming traffic to continue when a bus is approaching. Often there is nowhere to pull over to allow the bus through. If a link road is created it will mean increased traffic passing the primary school - not a sensible outcome.Why can't we leave Neerim Road as two way?
  • Mary B over 2 years ago
    No link road please. I live in Ardyne St & am vehemently opposed to any more traffic there. Channeling through traffic into a residential street is a terrible idea
  • mickcal over 2 years ago
    Garred is correct. You have completely stuffed this up. The link on the email for 'Design one' is actually linking to design two and vice versa. Any feedback, discussion or voting on options must now be voided until you re-issue an apology and get it right. Another outstanding example of councils doing what councils do best.. This project has been an absolute disgrace from the beginning.
  • garred over 2 years ago
    Just received an email from council with design one and two incorrectly pointing to the wrong diagram. This will cause a lot of confusion (again!!)
  • Amanda over 2 years ago
    I think slowing cars in Neerim Road is good. I drive there now and will have to change my habits but we need to reduce the impact of cars in urban areas by measures such as this. Change is hard but worth it in the long run. I'd like to see more development in the centre to bring more people onto the wider footpaths that are proposed. I'd also like to see convenient bicycle parking and a car share space.
  • Lyss Hicks over 2 years ago
    Design option one is my preferred choice, however I think it would work best if more businesses such as cafes/restaurants utilized the extra space provided by widening the footpath rather than it remaining open space. Connecting Hobart rd and railway parade is also a good idea.
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    • cd89 over 2 years ago
      Widened footpaths is a great idea. This could open up more outdoor dining, like Koornang Road.