Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve design option two (Neerim Road two-way)?

over 2 years ago
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  • Local12 over 2 years ago
    I support option 2, including the addition of trees to improve the streetscape. I'm not sure why the link road can't still be considered for this option - wouldn't this help with traffic flows? The two sets of bus stops are also a little unclear - presumably these are fir different bus lines?
  • macaustin over 2 years ago
    I support Option 2 however with the addiiton of the link roadKeeping Neerim Rd 2 way will support the traders with more readily accessabel transport from all sides . The link rd, can then take through NEERIM RD, traffic out of the shopping centre to reduce the traffic through the shoppling centre. Im sure there are traffic managment solutions that can limit the access from Hobart Rd and Ardoyne st, to the link road to eliminate rat running, which will only really be an issue coming south as no real value or time saving going north. This could also include limiting access to Hobart rd, from Dandenong rd to local traffic onlyPerhaps council could get LXRA to give up some car parking spots in new car parks to short term parking as a thank you to the local community for the massive disruption and lack of access we have suffered and will continue to suffer until this monstrosity is completed. could then remove some on street parking to extend footpaths if desired.Also, cant see any reason for retaining the right turn ban from Murrumbeena into Railway parade, as this relates to traffic signals for the level crossing , so that will be removed. That would allow all through traffic to be diverted from the shopping centreWith the shopping centre, we dont want destination shopping to overwhelm it, we want services we want, supermarket, chemist, op shop, fruit shop, butchers, newsagent. We dont want if full of cafes, there are enough alreadyWith railway parade, definitely need pedestrian crossing near Dunoon St, as people coming from the east don't want to have to walk all the way to Murrumbeena Rd to crosse. This will also reinstate the access we previously had across the railway line via the bridgeIf you say the cyclists wont walk the extra distance to cross at Railway Pde or Neerim rd, so the dame goes for us poor locals , Also , can it be confimed as someone raised at the Q & A session , that right turns from Kangaroo into Murrumbeena Rd, will be banned and why ( will affect a bus route).
  • Sophia over 2 years ago
    I support keeping Neerim Road two-way, so I support this option. However, I agree with some of the other comments that there is no need for the trees in the middle of the street - although they look nice they will make the traffic lanes narrower and mean there is no ability to U-turn in some sections which could cause problems - also mean that cars will pile up waiting to U-turn in other sections. Trees in the middle of the street might also mean that it is harder to see pedestrians if they cross the road in the sections where the trees are, rather than using the pedestrian crossing. We are lucky in Murrumbeena to have many green areas - including parks that are just near the shops so there is no need for trees in the middle of the street. Also the location of the bus stop close to the Foodworks in Neerim Road looks like it could be dangerous for those turning into Neerim Road - that is, it has the potential to cause accidents - particularly where buses are driving off from the curb when cars are turning into Neerim Road.
  • Murradale mess over 2 years ago
    My preferred Option by far, Jill Ainslie of 4 Erindale St Murrumbeena
  • Chantal over 2 years ago
    I support Design Option 2. I very much want to see two way traffic flow maintained and NO link road. I support in part the tree lined central median. I like the addition of trees, but I feel there would need to be a u-turn place for vehicles and that the central median could be used as a pedestrian refuge, ie isn't mulch and grasses the whole way along between the trees.
  • Oldfoles over 2 years ago
    We support Design Two. We have sent separate emails to council (not answered ) following the Q and A session. However, in essence, our suggestions are:- eliminate the tree lined central median- reinstate car spaces removed by addition of more trees and landscaping-consider creating bus bays currently occupied by boom gates .What is the Council's preferred design? And why?
  • Antony over 2 years ago
    Option 2 is the only satisfactory option because it preserves what people in the area want and need, easy access to Neerim road shops and residential streets not being inundated with rat runners looking to avoid traffic, lights etc. as proposed in option 1.
  • kerryblue over 2 years ago
    Option 2 - retaining two-way traffic in Neerim Rd - is definitely my preferred option. I fully support the submission from the Murrumbeena Village Traders Association. Making it a one-way system will, I fear, dramatically reduce customers to the existing businesses. I know that when I get my car repaired (and I have been going to Phil Ridder since 1992) I will have to take a circuitous route along Hobart Rd and one of the small streets linking it with Murrumbeena Rd - roads that do not need more traffic. But will Council listen to residents? I have a horrible feeling that this website is their way of saying "we have consulted with the community", when it should be about "listening to the community". Forget the tree plantings down the centre of the road. We don't need any further impediments to traffic flow and they're hardly going to replace the trees lost by the rail works. And leave the bus stops where they are - relocating them to the traffic lights isn't an improvement. I just hope that this discussion encourages residents to get out and support the small businesses that provide valuable services to our community. Let's keep our newsagent, dry-cleaner, post-office, cafes, restaurants, bank, bakery, mechanics, laundrette, op-shop, hairdressers, barber, etc viable by using them!
  • Carlos Provenza over 2 years ago
    I believe that the two way option is the best one. The one way option will affect the local business and also local residents.
  • garred over 2 years ago
    This is preferred option
  • LAS over 2 years ago
    I totally agree with Jose's comments but I hope the council listens to the local residents and traders. Design 2 is the only workable option for the local people.Here are comments I posted on Design 1 this morning.After attending the Q&A last night I wish ti make further comments. 1. It is essential for the local residents [many of who by the way are rate payers] living south east of Dunoon St to have a safe pedestrian pathway from their homes to the shopping strip on Neerim Rd and to the primary school in Hobart Rd without the need to battle traffic, cyclists or have to walk up to Murrumbeena Rd to get to the shops and or school. The pedestrians must have safe access and right of way across the bike path under the sky rail . 2. Within a 500m radius of the Neerim Rd shops we have 3 nursing homes, primary school, day centre for adults with multiple disabilities a number of whom use electric wheelchairs, a child care centre and maternal health centre. We also have a number of local residents with physical, intellectual and mental health concerns as well as teenage school children commuting from Murrumbeena who are constantly on their mobile phones and not looking around. Taking our vast varied local population into consideration , how is it considered safe to suggest a shared vehicular and pedestrian pathway from the intersection of Murrumbeena Rd and Neerim Rd down Neerim Rd for some metres. It is an accident waiting to happen.3.There was discussion about Al Fresco dining on the south side of the shopping centre on Neerim Rd and the need to expand the footpath to accommodate that. As there is only one cafe on that side presently and the need to maintain the PO, laundrette, barber and dry cleaners for the local residents to access there appears reduced need for a lot of space for outside dining. Perhaps this is being strongly encouraged by the designers as the council could potentially increase their revenues by charging shop dwellers for using the outside pavement in the future.4. The idea of a set of traffic lights for the bike path when it crosses Murrumbeena Rd under the Sky Rail defies logic. The whole idea of removing the rail crossing was to improve traffic flow. Even with an integrated signal system to the traffic lights either side of the bike path lights on Murrumbeena Rd- Neerim Rd intersections there will be traffic delays if cars have to stop for the bikes. Why can't the cyclists who a riding through Murrumbeena to elsewhere get off their bikes at Murrumbeena Rd and cross at either of the two existing crossing as all the local residential pedestrians have to. No to this extra set of traffic lights...why did we bother to remove the train line!!5. Once the Link Rd set up was explained with road deviations, round about after round about and numerous pedestrian crossings all in the space of a very short distance I strongly believe it will be a bottle neck of traffic that will impact on local residents around Railway Pde and Hobart St and cause havoc and great frustration to the local users. I say NO to the Link Rd in its current form and probably any form.
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    • garred over 2 years ago
      I agree with your comments and accidentally marked the button asking for review from the moderator .
  • Olive1964 over 2 years ago
    Two way traffic is the best option
  • K over 2 years ago
    I suppor the two way option!
  • tony russell over 2 years ago
    dont do it it will destroy the shops
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    • tony russell over 2 years ago
      sorry meant for the one way :)
  • tony russell over 2 years ago
    why has the carpark next to the toilets been removed ? eg put it backputting the bus stop next to the corner of murrumbeena road will cause traffic problems.
  • 6q-gWM9# over 2 years ago
    My proposal is that the State Govt. needs to commission a sculpture of the Boyd family to reflect the major artistic, cultural and historic contribution they made to Murrumbeena in the 40s,50s and 60s. This sculpture should be placed in the new precinct, in the street or under the ugly sky rail to beautify it and bring some art and culture to the precinct. Secondly, there will need to be a major "greenscaping' project in the street area and definitely under the sky rail, (so as to not only beautify this area, but also to hinder graffiti and crime). My proposal would be for the Murrumbeena Primary School to have a plant shrub/tree day for every student to plant , (perhaps the state govt could pay for this too!) There definite does not need to be a pub or a brewery, if anything their needs to be an art gallery or arts precinct - family friendly!
  • LM local resident over 2 years ago
    Definitely Design Two. Not sure about trees down the middle perhaps widen footpath slightly with trees. Bus stops are dangerous right on the corner - couldn't these be in Railway Parade or in Murrumbeena Road with bays. Surely more car parks can be made under Skyrail for one and/or two hours.
  • Jason Close over 2 years ago
    Option 2 could be improved by removing the angled car spaces on the south side of Neerim Road and widening the footpath so that increased seating and landscaping could be provided. This would take advantage of this side of the street receiving good solar access and would enable cafes and businesses to better utilise the public realm.
  • stephenD over 2 years ago
    Design two can be improved by including the link road and removing the trees down the centre of the road.This will help the traders and their customers and remove the through traffic which clogs the shopping strip.The City of Glen Eira needs to accept Vic Tracks offer to have a link road or regret the missed opportunity for generations to come. If not built now it cannot be done in the future when they have built apartments and multistory carparks along both sides of the skyrail. I believe northbound traffic avoiding the Murrumbeena / Dandy Road intersection are more likely to use Oakdene, Blackwood and Anzac (an area where I live), rather than Hobart Road.The City of GlenEira needs to negotiate short term parking with Victrak as on street parking in either option is not sufficient.
  • Edwin Belfield over 2 years ago
    Option 2 is what I vote for.Car parks are very important to the traders so we need as many as we can fit.
  • don't know over 2 years ago
    Two way traffic- otherwise you will kill the shopping centre.
  • MAS over 2 years ago
    Option 2 seems the best option to me. There will be less traffic confusion and therefore better flow. Parallel parking would be less disruptive to traffic flow versus angle parking from option 1 where people will have to back out into oncoming traffic where visibility from adjacent cars would be dangerously low. I would have thought some extra safe parking area could have been afforded under the sky rail or adjacent to it. The issue I have with both options is the plan for the bus Bus stops on Murrumbeena road do not make sense. It would be better on Railway Parade to avoid halting traffic, especially traffic wanting to continue South around traffic that is turning West on Neerim. Increasing traffic flow was the original reason for sky rail in the first place.
  • AnnVL over 2 years ago
    I think that this is the most viable option HOWEVER having trees in the middle of the road will - as the consultants said last night - cut the village in two. I am hearing that you are responding to people's desire for more trees. Thankfully Murrumbeena is very tree lined and hopefully we will see plenty of trees planted around the skyrail development. Is it necessary to have them in our village, taking up parking spaces or creating an unsafe crossing of Neerim Rd?I feel that the consultants could have been given the plans - not to comment on them, but to create new options that would work better for the community. I propose for a new plan that brings1. Wider footpaths that can have cafe tables on them or a weekend market or local group sausage sizzles or a picnic table or...2. No trees in the centre of the road - which would give room for wider footpaths and stop a division of the street and unsafe road crossing3. Two way roadWhy not incorporate the best of both designs? We don't have to have any of the negative components.
  • Concerned. over 2 years ago
    Aesthetically and perhaps even theoretically Option 1 appears an attractive concept, however in practical terms it could prove to be a major deterrent to people wanting to access the shopping strip. As a very recent, long time trader in the strip with approved/permitted access to the addresses of a very large majority of my clients, I am aware that a very considerable percentage of my custom travelled from the eastern/north eastern sectors of the suburb to the strip for shopping. Creating a one way east-moving only section of Neerim Rd. will mean that these people will travel down Neerim Rd. from the Poath Rd direction and then be diverted under sky-rail into Railway Pde. They will then be confronted with having to carry out 2 right hand turns into 1. Murrumbeena Rd. then 2. Neerim Rd. and then hope for some parking to be available for them. I know that the right hand turns may not perhaps be as dangerous as they are now because there will be no railway Xing and the light sequence hopefully will be optimised to allow these turns to be less traumatic, but, when confronted by this prospect upon being diverted to Railway Pde., I believe most people will continue straight down Neerim Rd. to Carnegie (Or not even bother at all about Murrumbeena or Carnegie and head straight to Chadstone). Even people living in the Weeroona Rd./Wahroongaa Rd./northern end of Omama Rd. will be forced to take one of the side streets to Murrumbeena Rd. so that they end up being able to enter into and travel eastwards down Neerim Rd. to access the shops and parking. Otherwise, they too will be forced under sky-rail into Railway Pde. Please consider this when making your decision.Also, even though I know that this is not within GEC's jurisdiction or control, surely PTV owe the traders and locals the 19-20 car parks which will not be available if option 2 is undertaken. Please, PTV, allow the 20 western most car parks in the car park area under the sky rail to be designated 1/2 to 1 hour limit parks so that they can be used by shoppers rather than commuters. This allows both 2 way traffic and also the extra car parks which would have been generated by option1. The best of both worlds. PTV, you owe the traders at least that much for the 2 year purgatory you have imposed on them with the construction of Sky-rail on their door steps/shop fronts! GEC - it would be greatly appreciated if you could carry out some lobbying on the above car park arrangement being made possible.
  • Jose over 2 years ago
    I would support this decision more than design 1. However, i am a bit concerned that the consultation is more of a "let them speak but the decision is already made". When i look at the reports it all points to Design 1 being the one to be deployed. Hope i am wrong.
  • Matt over 2 years ago
    This is the preferred option. It is the BEST for maintaining the traffic flow and character of the area.
  • Sandra over 2 years ago
    I believe the 2-way traffic will be better for the locals as it will keep majority of the traffic on the main roads rather than on residential streets parallel to Neerim rd. I agree with some of the comments already made regarding the trees in the centre lane, unclear about the benefit and think that the money could be spent on other facilities the community can enjoy. More seating, maybe table areas, better bus stop enclosed/sheltered areas.etcDesign two looks like there is 4 new bus stops, 2 on Neerim rd and 2 on Murrumbeena rd. the point of the skyrail is to enhance traffic flow and thus I question why bus stops need to be on the main rd. Can we not incorporate a slip lane near the station for bus stops, thus not disrupting the traffic flow and also increasing the safety of the commuters getting on and off the bus? Also, why can we not have the bus stop on railway parade where traffic is dramatically smaller in volume than neerim rd?
  • Clare over 2 years ago
    Design 2 is the only design that supports the community and businesses. This is the only option to be considered.
  • RN Long time resident over 2 years ago
    Design option 2 best meets business and residential needs. It keep cars going both ways down neerim rd and driving past shops they will stop at. It keeps traffic flowing both ways. Most importantly it keeps extra rat race traffic out of residential streets. Residential streets should be safe, family friendly, peaceful areas - not substitute freeways. Given the ridiculous amount of over-development near the train station there will already be a huge increase in traffic and parking congestion from all the extra residents cramming into the apartments. That in itself should be reviewed. Over-development is destroying the neighbourhood. I also agree that the bus stops are in an impractical location and trees should go on the footpath not the middle of the road.
  • Marg T A over 2 years ago
    I like the two way for Neerim Road option as I believe it will keep cars off our smaller suburban streets and may allow more passing trade for local traders. I would like to see the Ardyn Street link to be a pedestrian walk way thus encouraging families on the South side to walk their children to Murrumbeena Primary school and residents to visit the shops rather than drive.Narrowing the road both ways along Neerim Road forces cars to reduce speed and is a strategy often used when trying to improve walkability of an area. Having trees in the middle of the road is a great option as it will allow for a canopy of trees across the street as they grow creating welcome shade in summer and a beautiful landscape for all to enjoy. It may also mean the trees have room to grow and not be competing with verandas for space. Choice of tree thus becomes important: exotic deciduous or evergreen native eucalyptus. Bump outs around street parking areas whilst taking car spaces, can be a good idea for softening the streetscape and reducing storm water run off by installing rain gardens.
  • moishirley over 2 years ago
    Yes to design two is a better option. Why is the bus stop located there, both on Neerim & Murrumbeens roads? lt seems an odd spot & disruptive for turning as well as traffic in general. ls Railway Parade a better option? ls that possible?Definitely yes to design two but modify the bus stop locations!
  • DeniseU over 2 years ago
    This option is the only way to go (with some modification). Keep it two way traffic. The point of the level crossing is to improve traffic flow, not just for safety. I don't know why second bus stops are put so close to to the cnr of Neerim and Murrumbeena road? Surely this will put strain on turning left from Neerim into Murrumbeena road? They should be removed if there will be stops on Murrumbeena Road ore relocated perhaps east of the shops? Additional trees are an important inclusion following all the mature trees that have been removed for the level crossing removal. Keeping the existing two way traffic flow is the ONLY way to go.
  • Mick Hanlin over 2 years ago
    Preferred option. Streetscape will benefit greatly from trees down the middle and also prefer Neerim remain a two-way street.ThanksMichael
  • DT over 2 years ago
    I STRONGLY AGREE with Neerim Rd remaining 2 WAY.
  • clinker over 2 years ago
    Prefer option 2. Not sure about trees in the middle of the road?? Prefer to see money spent on other more attractive amenities, like seating, planter boxes etc...
  • LAS over 2 years ago
    Something must be done to the entire road surface of Murrumbeena Rd from Dandenong Rd to south of the existing railway line.Patching pot holes and dips in the road surface is not good enough. Our house is becoming damaged from the vibrations from constant traffic of construction vehicles and increase in regular traffic traveling over the uneven surfaces of Murrumbeena Rd. A total resurfacing of the road from Dandenong Road southwards is essential and it needs to be sooner than later.
  • LAS over 2 years ago
    I STRONGLY AGREE with Neerim Rd remaining 2 WAY. It will prevent more traffic congestion on the small side streets which are already stressed and being used beyond what they were designed for.I like the center road tree design but agree it may cause traffic build up when cars are parking so more discussion about trees on the footpath should take place.I also agree a green common area instead of the Link Rd could be nice especially for residents south of the shopping area [which I am not one of].If the whole area under the sky rail east of the station is car parking then this design with slightly less car parks on Neerim Rd [because it is 2 way ]would be fine especially if a small number of the car parks nearest the shops in this railway parking area were designated 2 hour parking limit. The local residents do not need any more roads that allow non residential traffic passing through rat racing in our side streets to get somewhere 2 minutes quicker.YES,YES,YES,YES TO 2 WAY TRAFFIC ON NEERIM RD. Please consider the thoughts of the true local residents in preference to those who visit our area just for a coffee.
  • AK over 2 years ago
    Choose option One. Re-directing traffic flow is a terrific idea in conjunction with the link road. It opens up so much possibility and potential for Murrumbeena shopping strip and the shops on the corner of Murrumbeena Road and Railway Parade. Design one is a much better plan than design two.
  • jve over 2 years ago
    I agree with Design 2 with no Link Road. Neerim road should be as it is (two ways) as it is designed for that.Design 1 with link road will increase traffic in the residential streets.
  • tim over 2 years ago
    i agree with the design option two neally 100% but i also feel that the ardyne st. link road should also be included as part of this option..thanx murrumbeena resident..
  • This is silly over 2 years ago
    The two way option is way better. It doesn't change the nature of the other streets ie Hobart and railway parade, ardyne and Dunoon street. No rat races created. But can't the tress in the middle be removed and widen the footpaths and add trees there. We need to remember its barren now due to sky rail that gutted our greenery. When it's finished supposedly trees are coming back
  • rd21 over 2 years ago
    I think Design 2 is good. Separating Neerim Road with greenery is a good idea. I too would like to see a nice independent bakery, one with fresh bread and not just hot food. An increase in parking would be good too as sometimes one has to do a loop around Neerim Rd & side streets until a parking spot becomes available or one has to park on the other side of the station and walk across. A better supermarket would be advantageous too. The chemist is great, as is the newsagent and the ATMs. Be great when the Skyrail is finished. One can live so close to the station but trying to get through it is a nightmare (at the moment). Glad something is being done about this for the area's sake.The loss of the overhead bridge was a shame, as it was handy to the newsagent for the morning paper and the ATMs. The old station was very nice, very historic.
  • Brian W over 2 years ago
    Option 2 is the better solution as it does not funnel traffic down Hobart Road past the Primary School.Option 1 is flawed as it will invite additional traffic down Hobart Road as vehicles whose destination is to travel south down Murrumbeena Rd will use the service road in Dandenong Rd to bypass traffic light congestion at the Murrumbeena Rd intersection & travel south along Hobart Rd in lieu..Option 1 will increase traffic on local roads that are not capable of handling additional traffic such as Omama Rd, Short St and Tucket St.Let us pray that our political masters at Council adopt this solution to give some logical outcome to a deeply flawed rail design that local residents did not want. Had the rail had gone under the Road the original 1800's (pre-rail) alignment of Neerim Rd could have been re-instated & a satisfactory outcome would have been achieved for all concerned without any angst.
  • Nami over 2 years ago
    I think I will vote (where's the survey though ?) for this option - DESIGN 2 - because, eventhough I think the wider pavement of the first design sounds appealing, I don't think we need more traffic in side streets. I like in Toward St (next to Ardyne) and even now and then, you can hear people speed because they're trying to avoid all the traffic from Murrumbeena Rd. We don't need even MORE traffic and car nuisance around us. Apart from that, we NEED more greenery. You said you'd make nice landscapes and parks around the station but all I see is a few trees planted in the middle of the road... which is kinda silly as it's going to take too much space, just enlarge the pavement and put massive pots of plants on it as I read it somewhere here as well. Instead of the link road, give us another park there.It would be really great after a long day, coming off the train, buy whatever you like from one of the local shops and then rest in a park. It doesn't need to be big, just green, lively and peaceful too.
  • Julian over 2 years ago
    This is the better option for Neerim Rd. Though, make sure the trees on the medium strip are set back from the pedestrian crossing for better view lines (not as displayed in the photo of the proposal, that is dangerous).
  • Murrumbeena local over 2 years ago
    I prefer design option one.
  • Rosie M over 2 years ago
    We much prefer the two-way traffic option on Neerim Rd and not having the link road funnelling traffic down Hobart Rd. It will make Hobart Rd too congested and certainly not ideal given the large primary school.
  • Katie over 2 years ago
    Murrumbeena needs to get its heart and soul back again, and become a meeting place, a shopping place (ie local butcher, grocery and the like), a community space that people want to visit and spend time and money there. The only thing that has survived the rail works are the three cafes - and a cafe led revival is a great. But there needs to be more reasons for locals to visit, they need to be able to get off the train or after school drop offs etc, and pick up a few basics - which is something that cant be done at this point. The Council needs to spend money to make this work, and it needs to show some love and dedication to our community. The two way street is a far superior solution, and it needs to come with mature trees, decent street furniture, good lighting (and by the way, how about some lights in Springthorpe and Boyd Parks as well - desperately needed for community safety), interesting paving and the like. Businesses need an incentive to open in the strip, and need people to buy their goods. Council, you need to spend a significant amount of money to help this community place come good again, we are part of Glen Eira and we deserve it. No more quick band aid jobs that simply don't work, please do it quickly and properly to bring our place alive again, thanks
  • Alduigan33 over 2 years ago
    Option 2 makes much more sense for access to shops on Neerim Rd, and avoiding too much traffic in side streets. I love the idea of the village green and more outdoor seating for cafes.
  • Donna over 2 years ago
    Much more in favour of option 2 than 1, but how are you going to fit in trees down the middle of the road?
  • Neerim over 2 years ago
    2 way is the best option.Why does the bus stop need to be on Neerim Rd for this option and not option 1. Does not make sense.
  • natleske over 2 years ago
    we think this is a better option as it makes access to the shops the easiest. it is sensible to keep Neerim road two-way. prefer to have no link road as concerned about increased traffic in surrounding residential streets.
  • alan_warpmail over 2 years ago
    This is the best option - more trees and more green space.The link road is not needed and will just create more traffic.
  • Bennyboy248 over 2 years ago
    I think that considering there is a large car park underneath the skyrail the new proposed 19 carparks should be replaced with a wider side walk and more greenery. Greenery is one think that Murrumbeena is lacking. I also think that cafes should have more room for outdoor seating.
  • Arty over 2 years ago
    I prefer option two having Neerim Road with two-way traffic, but I think the plan would be enhanced by having the link road to Railway Parade. Love the relocation of the bus stops, too
  • Tim over 2 years ago
    Design 2 with two way is a better option. However the centre strip of trees means traffic will be worse due to inability to go around cars waiting to reverse park. Look at Church St Brighton as an sample of this, a single car waiting to reverse park or taking too long to reverse park can bank traffic up for hundreds of meters. Bad idea. Let drivers have the ability to go around these cars as they do now.
  • Beena over 2 years ago
    I do not support the one way option due to the stress it will impose on nearby residential streets, therefore my support is for keeping the existing routing. Suggestion though - remove the trees down the middle and widen the footpaths to encourage outdoor dining/trading. You could then add more greenery via planter boxes or more colorful compact tree varieties.
  • AndrewE over 2 years ago
    Oh wow! You're almost there. Just show a little more commitment to open green space and Villiage Feel by adding a green space and footpath where Hobart, Neerim and Ardyne meet. Not a Link Road - a Villiage Green!
  • Mike over 2 years ago
    Whay cant this design option also include the link road? It would make perfect sense!!Those wishing to visit the shops and turn right into Murrumbeena Rd go straignt down.. those wishing to continue to Carnegie a via Neerim Road take the link road to railway parade..
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    • fairbairn over 2 years ago
      70% of all traffic is thru traffic if the level crossing at Neerim Rd near the Racecourse was not there to make travelling East very messy during peak periods we would avoid being a thru way for drivers trying to get Bayside
  • patgean over 2 years ago
    Retain left turn option from Neerim Rd into Murrumbeena Rd
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    • fairbairn over 2 years ago
      the newly amended plans are now available.
  • garred over 2 years ago
    Just received an email from council with design one and two incorrectly pointing to the wrong diagram. This will cause a lot of confusion (again!!)