What is the Glen Eira Planning Scheme?

    Our planning scheme is an important document that brings together Victoria-wide (produced by State Government), regional and local (produced by Council) content such as policies, zones and overlays. Together, this content guides decisions about how land can be used and developed in Glen Eira.

    We update the scheme on an ongoing basis through a process of planning scheme amendments to ensure the decision-making framework is contemporary.

    How is Amendment C220 related to Amendment C218?

    Amendment C220 includes an update of local policies in the Glen Eira Planning Scheme, informed by the contents of key strategies that have been endorsed by Council. These strategies includes Council's Open Space Strategy Refresh.

    The revised local policy content proposed by Amendment C220 includes directions from the Open Space Strategy. Other elements of the Strategy are proposed to be implemented by Amendment C218, including the Strategy's revised open space contributions rate.

    For more information on Amendment C218, visit the project page

    What are the steps involved in a Planning Scheme Amendment process?

    Steps involved in the amendment process are set out below: