What is the Glen Eira Council and Community Plan 2017-2021?

    The Glen Eira Council and Community Plan is the key strategic plan for Council. It identifies important issues and sets out a vision for Glen Eira and how we will achieve it, articulating our aspirations and goals for the next four years.

    The Council and Community Plan meets Council’s obligations under the Local Government Act (1989) which requires all local governments to have a Council plan, supported by a Strategic Resource Plan and annual Budget.

    The Budget details the resources required to fund the large range of services Council provides to the community. It also includes details of proposed capital expenditure allocations to improve and renew our City’s physical infrastructure, buildings and operational assets. The Budget is the first step in delivering the commitments outlined in the Council and Community Plan.

    Council's Strategic Resource Plan (SRP) for the ten years 2017-18 to 2026-27 reflects Council's long term strategic planning as specified in the Council and Community Plan and gives effect to it in financial terms for the next ten years.

    How has the draft Glen Eira Council and Community Plan 2017-2021 been developed?

    The Glen Eira Council and Community Plan has been formulated via extensive consultation with the community, supported by an analysis of demographic data and with reference to local and state policy. 

    The specific engagement undertaken included: 6 community meetings; 6 focus groups; Commissioned telephone research to 500 residents; Opportunities for residents to provide feedback online.

    Council also drew on demographic information as well as information the community provided to us in a variety of other consultations held in 2016. These including those around the development of the Disability Action Plan, the Environmental Sustainability Strategy, the review of the Glen Eira Planning Scheme, a new Sustainable Transport Strategy and a far reaching engagement on the future of Glen Eira’s 17 activity centres and shopping strips.

    All information was collated together and grouped into a set of themes, matched with a vision and a set of key objectives that Council will work towards over the next four years.

    Why was community engagement important in the development of the Council and Community Plan?

    Council understands that Glen Eira residents and stakeholders have in-depth knowledge of people, places and spaces in our municipality.

    Council wants our vision for the future to be shared  and wants to draw on the community's knowledge, local insights and opinions  to inform the approach and objectives for planning for our municipality.  Council is therefore committed to engaging with our community as essential to improving the quality of the Council and Community Plan.

    After extensive consultation on developing our Council and Community Plan, we now invite and welcome your thoughts on the draft.

    How will my feedback be included in the development of a final Council and Community Plan 2017-2021?

    All community responses to the draft will be considered in the development of a final Plan. While some responses may be easily implementable, others may not be possible to include. Council will take a balanced approach and consider the responses in the context of all other relevant factors including other feedback received, the wider environment and the resources available to Council.