How did this project come about?

    The Elsternwick South Local Area Traffic Management plan came about through consultation with the Elsternwick community for Council’s planning projects, including the Elsternwick Structure Plan and subsequent work looking at the proposed urban renewal south area. The Elsternwick South community has raised ongoing concerns about traffic with Council and this project aims to respond to these.

    What were our objectives and key considerations for this project?

    The objectives of the project included to:

    1. Limit ‘rat-running’ (unnecessary through traffic) - particularly on through routes such as College Street, St James Parade and Denver Crescent. Any trip that does not have an origin or destination within the area should be discouraged from using these local streets. The surrounding arterial roads or major council roads should cater for these through trips.
    2. Reduce travel speeds - on local roads around Leibler Yavneh College to improve safety for school children. This will also help to improve a safe school drop-off and pick-up zone.
    3. Create safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists - by reducing the speed limits, reduce vehicle through movements and improve accessibility.
    4. Additional public space and greening- find opportunities to create additional green and public open space to enhance the streetscape to promote social interaction. Water sensitive urban design approaches will be incorporated where possible.

    Some of the key considerations of this project were:

    1. Linemarking and signage - linemarking and signage is an important element to consider in the plan to alert road users. This information will be further demonstrated in detailed plans in accordance with relevant standards and guidelines.
    2. On-street parking impact - The proposed treatments aim to maintain as much on-street car parking as possible. However, due to the nature of some treatments, some on-street parking may be affected
    3. Crossovers - maintain property access through existing crossovers.
    4. Lighting - street lighting for proposed treatments will align with relevant Australian Standards 
    5. Department of Transport (DoT) Approval - approval from DoT for major traffic controlling devices such as partial/full road closures and pedestrian crossings are required. Additionally, any treatments adjacent to arterial roads (i.e. Nepean Hwy) also requires an approval from DoT.
    6. Melbourne Water (MW) Approval - St James Pde/Elster Ave/Nepean Hwy and Elster Ave/College St/Begonia Rd intersections are subjected to MW special building overlay and additional approval is required. 

    Did this project consider parking?

    Minimisation of on-street parking loss was one of the projects’ key considerations. Other than this however, parking itself was not a focus of the project and it’s primarily concern was with traffic changes. 

    Parking issues are responded to through Councils’ parking and safety team, and through our implementation of the Glen Eira Parking Policy, which considers parking on a strategic and neighbourhood-wide level. 

    More information on parking in Glen Eira can be found here and you can read more about the Parking Policy here.

    What about speed limit changes?

    The initial project proposed to reduce the speed limit around Leibler Yavneh College from 50km/h to 40km/h. The streets being considered for speed limit reductions were initially Riddell Pde, Clarence St, Denver Cres, St James Pde, Brentani Ave, Nagle Ave and College Street. Speed reduction around schools helps to reduce the risks to children and lessen the severity of any potential crashes.

    What if I didn't prefer option 1 or option 2?

    We’re invited all feedback and views. Whilst question 1 in the survey asked for your preference for option 1 or option 2 participants were also select ‘I have another view’.

    How woul dmy day-to-day driving experience be affected by option 1 or 2?

    We  put together an assessment of travel times. You can review it here.

    Does the project relate to other initiatives in Elsternwick such as the Elsternwick Cultural Precinct project or planning proposals for Selwyn Street?

    No. The Local Area Traffic Management Plan is focused on the Elsternwick South neighbourhood and responds to current traffic issues, particularly to the south and around pivotal areas such as the Leibler Yavneh College. Other projects being considered in Elsternwick may include independent traffic-related work.