When will a decision be made and changes (if any) be implemented?

    Council will consider the feedback from this consultation in February-March 2019 to help inform any decision to change frequency of kerbside bin collections. If the decision is made to change collection frequency the community will be given plenty of notice. 

    Will the changes affect my waste management charge?

    The proposed change in collection frequency will not increase the waste management charge. Council levies a waste management charge to cover the cost of providing waste and recycling services. This includes kerbside waste, recycling and organics collections, hard rubbish, bundled branches, public litter bins and street sweeping. We aim to provide the most cost effective service for our community to help keep the waste management charge as low as possible.

    It is more expensive to send waste to landfill than it is to send food and garden waste to be processed into compost. State Government landfill levies are rising and the cost of processing recyclables (yellow bin) has also increased. Reducing garbage we send to landfill by putting food waste in your green bin will help to minimise costs.

    Why isn't the recycling service included in this consultation?

    Community feedback received to date has been mostly around increasing green bin collection frequency due to the introduction of food waste recycling. Since almost 50% of garbage is food waste, switching to weekly green bin collection offers the best possibility of reducing food and garden waste going to landfill.  If you would like an additional recycling bin, the cost is an extra $30 per year. To arrange this contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on 9524 3333.

    Why can't we have weekly pick up for all types of bins?

    There are a number of reasons why Council needs to stagger collections of the different bins, including:

    *Weekly collection for all bins would significantly increase overall costs for kerbside collections and would mean an increase in your waste services charge.

    *A different truck collects each type of waste. If all waste streams were collected weekly this would mean more traffic from garbage trucks on the roads collecting bins each week.

    *Nature strips and footpaths would also be congested with all three bins out every week.

    Can I change the size of my bin?

    Yes, you can contact Customer Service on 9524 3333 if you would like to change your bin size.

    Available bin sizes are 120L and 240L. The standard size for recycling and green bins is 240 litres.

    Dimensions for a 120 litre bin are: height 85cm, width 41cm and depth 41cm.

    Dimensions for a 240 litre bin are: height 95cm, width 50cm and depth 57cm.

    The waste services charge is higher for the 240 litre red bin; however there are discounts for larger families and those with special medical needs.

    Refer to our Waste Services and Charges page for further information, including prices.

    What if my household has special needs that require more frequent red bin (waste to landfill) collection?

    Households with special needs can contact Council so that we can assist in providing services to meet your requirements. Prior to any change to collection frequency for kerbside bins Council will consider options to best meet those needs.

    Where can I find up to date recycling information?

    The Recycling A-Z on our website is regularly updated on Council recycling and waste services, and options for where you can take items Council can't accept.

    I would like to home compost. Do you have further information on this?

    There is a range of composting systems and options to suit every space. Our website has information.

    I live in an apartment - what would any changes mean for me?

    If your apartment block has a Council waste service, any change to the collection frequency will include your apartment.

    Apartments with a Council provided waste service are eligible for a shared green bin at no additional charge (this is included in your annual waste charge). Contact Customer Service Centre 9524 3333 to arrange your green bin.

    If you have a private waste collection then your collection would be unaffected.

    How do I order a kitchen caddy?

    You can order a caddy to be delivered to your home online at www.gleneira.vic.gov.au/foodwaste or call Customer Service Centre. You can also collect one from our Customer Service Centre at Town Hall (corner Glen Eira and Hawthorn Roads, Caulfield).