Why is Council looking to provide more open space?

    Council's Open Space Strategy identified a number of key issues with the provision of open space, in particular the gaps of provision, meaning some people are not within reasonable walking distance of any open space.

    Glen Eira has the lowest amount of open space of any Victorian municipality, Council is attempting to readdress this imbalance.

    How can I provide feedback?

    There are a number of ways to provide feedback including on the Feedback Forum on this "Have Your Say' site, by emailing Council or by contacting Recreation Services on 9524 3333.

    Opportunity to provide feedback is available until Thursday 2 April.

    Why has that location been selected?

    The area falls within a 'Gap Area' in the provision of open space.  In seeking additional open space Council is open to a range of opportunities including contribution as part of future sub-division, conversion of Council land such as roads, conversion of land owned by other agencies (like Booran Reserve) and the purchase of land in key locations. 

    The intersection of Mile End and Mimosa Road is accessible to a wide catchment, it would enhance local amenity, it has good visibility for passive surveillance and is of a size that could accommodate a range of uses.