When will works begin?

    Feedback received during this consultation process will be presented to Council for further consideration. If it is decided to proceed works will commence in the 2014/15 Financial Year.

    What is the impact on car parking?

    There is no loss of car parking spaces.

    Have underground services been considered?

    Yes. Planning and design to this point has considered a range of issues including underground services, water flow and drainage.

    How does this link to the Open Space Strategy?

    The site is located in gap area E4 and the Strategy recommends the provision of a new small local open space in this area. The proximity of a footbridge over the Sandringham rail lines 30 metres south of the proposed space would also provide access to residents west of the railway line.

    This project responds to a key priority of the recently adopted Glen Eira Open Space Strategy.

    How will traffic be impacted?

    Traffic along Riddell Parade will be maintained with traffic treatments at each end of the park to decrease vehicle speed. Alterations to the link between Gisborne and Archibald will include a single lane slow point which will reduce traffic speed and volume, this will also improve the amenity of the park.