Why did we hold a housing symposium?

    The event was organised to provide the community with access to information from experts on different areas of the housing and development landscape in Melbourne.  It was also to provide information about our changing and growing population and interesting insights into how housing is and can be provided.

    The views of speakers do not represent the views of Council and speakers do not represent Council in any way.  Speakers were invited to speak as experts and practitioners in their fields.

    The event aimed at providing context and inspiring further thought to open the community engagement period, as we invite the community to complete a written survey about:

    • Housing as a social issue
    • Peoples’ own experiences with housing in Glen Eira
    • How people see Glen Eira sustainably managing growth into the future
    • What people value about where they live

    Can I view the presentations?

    Yes! To view the presentations from our speakers, click on the links below:

    Could questions be asked of the speakers?

    Yes, in two different ways.  .

    Attendees at the town hall were able to ask questions of the speakers about their material and associated topic via cards.  Attendees watching online were able to email questions in on the night. 

    As we needed to enable people to get home at a reasonable time, some questions weren't able to be answered on the night.  These remaining questions will be fielded to speakers and attendees will receive answers over the following few days

    As the purpose of the event is to explore information about demographics and housing rather than specifically about the current housing strategy project.  Drop-in sessions are planned and will be an opportunity for the community to discuss the themes of the housing strategy discussion paper and the housing strategy project with Council officers.

    What COVID-safe measures were in place?

    • The auditorium will have a reduced seating capacity of 80
    • Masks must be worn inside the building.
    • All attendees at the town hall must check in using the QR code.
    • Hand sanitiser will be provided at the door.

    How does this event fit into this community engagement phase for the housing strategy?

    The event is the opener for our early community engagement phase which will continue to the end of August.  A second phase of consultation will take place in early 2022 on the content of a draft housing strategy.

    Early community engagement (this phase)

    • Housing Symposium – The opening event for our early community engagement phase.  An informative and insightful evening of talks by experts on the subject of housing and a chance to ask questions of the speakers.
    • Issues and opportunities paper – We have identified a few themes to focus on for the housing strategy project and are asking you to comment on them and help confirm if we have them right.
    • Drop-in sessions
    • Community survey – We are asking about your experiences with housing in Glen Eira, your housing choices and challenges and what you value about your neighbourhood.