Where can I view the plans?

    The concpet plan is available in the document librart on the left hand side of the project page.  The document library contains relevant information which may be of interest.

    A public meeting is being held at the Packer Park Pavilion on the 27 October between 5-8pm, with a presentation at 7pm.  Council officers will be on hand to answer any questions.

    How can I have a say?

    Your opinions, feedback and comment on this project can be made the following ways:

    ·        leave a comment on this site;

    ·        contact Council's Recreation Services Department on 9524 3333; or

    ·        email: recreationservices@gleneira.vic.gov.au

    How will public feedback be used/considered?

    Comments will be considered in the context of the wider community needs and in relation to other comments.  Your feedback will be used to direct the future development of the vacant bowls site.   


    Submissions are not confidential and will be incorporated in full (including all personal information) into the agenda and minutes of the Council Meeting at which they are considered, will be available on Council’s website as part of the relevant agenda and minutes of meeting and will be made available for public inspection in accordance with all applicable statutory requirements, including, without limitation, those prescribed by the Local Government Act 1989.


    This forum provides the opportunity to engage, share and discuss ideas and thoughts with your community.  The expected behavoiur of online forums is the same as polite society, namely being constructuve, open minded and courteous.