Why is Council piloting a Pedestrian Safe Neighbourhood?

    The Pedestrian Safe Neighbourhood Pilot Project is an initiative of the Integrated Transport Strategy adopted by Council in 2018.

    Like many inner-city areas, Glen Eira is now reaching a critical tipping point, where the existing road network can no longer provide an easy, daily run for drivers.

    Population growth and change is increasingly seeing our roads utilised by higher numbers of vehicles. Road congestion and longer travel times, is a daily frustration for residents and those who travel through our City to other destinations.

    Council’s Integrated Transport Strategy commits to exploring Pedestrian Safe Neighbourhoods, as part of a goal to strive for a 50:50 car and non-car transport mode share by 2031. Supporting alternative methods of transport is an important response to population pressures and planning head, to ensure Glen Eira remains a liveable community.

    Why did we choose Bentleigh East as a Pedestrian Safe Neighbourhood Pilot site? View our Existing Context Reportand Information Brochure for more information.