Is there anything we have missed?

over 1 year ago
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  • DJD over 1 year ago
    The current application for the re-development of the Calvary Bethlehem site on Kooyong Road in Caulfield South has emphasised the need for Council to have its planning system in order so it can defend and uphold neighbourhood character, preferred building types in designated areas, minimal change zones, housing diversity in appropriate activity zones and these quality design principles.Otherwise it will be just window dressing.These principles should be linked with other planning clauses to ensure they have some weight and power to be implemented for new development.
  • Kent Brockman over 1 year ago
    How do these Principles comply with the Better Apartment Guidelines?
  • Mark K over 1 year ago
    1. Energy efficiency principles2. Town Planning framework to place design principles in context3. Service infrastructure to support higher density