Public exhibition of Amendment C237 Carnegie Structure Plan closed on Friday 29 September 2023. Council is now considering submissions and will decide whether to proceed with the amendment and refer it to an independent panel.


In August 2022, Council adopted the Carnegie Structure Plan 2022. The Structure Plan is a 15-year plan to manage growth and improvement in the Carnegie Major Activity Centre. It sets out the long-term vision and the future directions for the centre to help it maintain its valued historical character and charm while accommodating some future growth and change. It provides guidance for the location and scale of retail, commercial and residential development into the future and supports improved access, streetscapes and public spaces throughout the centre

The structure plan presents a range of recommendations, of particular importance at this stage are the proposed heights and setbacks for future development in the commercial core in the vicinity of Koornang Rd and the urban renewal area between the railway line and Dandenong Road

A planning scheme amendment is required to introduce the planning control recommendations of the Structure Plan into the planning scheme. We have prepared Amendment C237 for this purpose

Amendment C237 proposes to introduce permanent planning controls into the Glen Eira Planning Scheme to provide greater certainty about the scale of future development in the commercial and mixed-use areas of Carnegie.

The introduction of a Design and Development Overlay (DDO9) to the centre will guide the heights and setbacks of new development so that their scale and form respond to the heritage character of Koornang Road and the adjoining residential areas.

Relevant documents

You can read the documents that support Amendment C237 on the right-hand side of this page and visit the Department of Transport and Planning website for relevant planning and background documents on exhibition.