Once home to Melbourne's market gardens, Bentleigh is now a lively and growing suburb.

To help guide the best outcome for future growth and development in the area, we have prepared the draft Bentleigh Structure Plan.

The 15-year strategy focusses on the commercially zoned land in and around Centre Road, Bentleigh.

By setting a long-term vision for the busy central Bentleigh area, it is intended to ensure that any growth that occurs contributes positively to our high-quality streets, public open space, heritage character and local character.

Key elements

The draft Plan includes a range of elements, such as:

  • development and future land use
  • transport and parking
  • types and heights of buildings
  • employment
  • open spaces
  • infrastructure
  • heritage and character.

Local and State Government can use structure plans to make decisions about developments, investments and infrastructure improvements. They can also inform community members and developers about what change is expected and allowed in certain areas.

Contributions to this consultation are closed for evaluation and review. The project team will report back on key outcomes.

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Images from Bentleigh's centre