This consultation is closed.

Thank you for providing your feedback on the proposed plan. Following the consultation we developed a revised concept plan for the active space, incorporating some minor adjustments as follows:

  • A reduced hard surface area to preserve the park's natural environment.
  • Increased inclusion of landscaped areas and trees to enhance the park's aesthetic appeal.
  • Implementation of tiered seating for spectators and informal gatherings.
  • Modifications made to the width of paths to improve accessibility and user experience.

Project background

Glen Eira City Council strives to provide quality open spaces for all residents, ensuring everyone in the community has places to socialise, exercise and relax. The Murrumbeena Master Plan 2019 identified the need for more open space within the park to cater for the current and growing use. Additional parking has been constructed as part of the pavilion upgrade (completed October 2022), allowing the next phase of the master plan implementation to commence.

The project involves the closing of Bute Street carpark, to develop an additional recreational space which will include:

  • Multipurpose court
  • Shelter
  • Seating areas
  • Scooting and skating loop.

In addition to the above recreational space within the Bute Street carpark, the project will also involve the creation of two fitness stations with one area being seniors focused.

We would like to hear from you the local community, to obtain feedback on the draft 3D concept designs.

Contact us

If you have any questions please contact the Recreation and Open Space team on 9524 3333 or email