Our Priorities, Our Future

We are dedicated to providing high-quality services for residents, businesses and visitors now and into the future.

Inflation and rising costs are making it tougher for all councils to operate, including Glen Eira, so we’re taking action to plan responsibly now with future budgets and our shared community priorities in mind.

To do this well, we want to hear your views so that we strike the right balance and prioritise appropriately.

You can have your say by filling out the survey below. We will also be engaging around 40 people as part of a community panel — applications are now closed, but you can find out more about the Community Priorities Panel here.

Community survey — now closed

Tell us which Council services are most important to you and let us know how can we best raise money, or cut costs, to pay for the services you value most.

By completing this survey you’ll be joining a community-wide conversation that will make a difference for future plans and budgets.

Through the survey we are asking the whole community what your priorities are. We want to hear from people from all backgrounds, ages and locations. It’s only five short questions plus some information about you.